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After you’ve approved architects’ plans in the Create stage, it’s time to Build!

As walls go up and spaces take shape, ministry dreams become reality. In the Build phase, churches need to rally the congregation’s support of the building project and cast vision for how new ministry space will help the church achieve its hopes and dreams for the calling God has on the church.

The Build phase poses challenges to the church. Construction can be disruptive, and ministry leaders need to remain focused on serving the congregation, even when the dust starts to fly. This is the time to make a plan for how to execute the building project with minimal disruption to worship and ministry programs.

Although the Build phase can be tough in some regards, it also provides a rare opportunity for the church to intersect with construction workers and other service providers from the local community as they enter the church day after day during the building project. These specialists will become trusted partners in creating your new ministry space. And often it is the people working on your church who, one day, end up becoming part of your church!

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Build is the fourth step in a successful church construction project. After you’ve experienced the construction phase, you’re ready for step five…

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