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The church building is a tool for facilitating ministry.

In the previous phase, Envision, you should have spent time considering how new physical space will help maximize your building as a tool for ministry, and how financially feasible your building project will be to execute. Once those key questions have been answered, you’re ready to move into the Create phase. This is when architects are commissioned to draw up plans and flesh out dreams. You’ll work closely with design-build professionals, who will capture your vision and give it form.

In the Create phase, you’ll make final decisions about the aesthetics of your church building, and you’ll select finishes and materials to create the look and feel you desire. You’ll want to stay involved in the Createprocess to ensure that plans for your new church space stay true to your long-range ministry mission and vision.

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The Create phase is the third step of a successful church building project. After you’ve determined how you’ll Create your new ministry space, you’re ready for step four…

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