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If your church has completed the Uncover phase—

—understanding the culture, your church’s unique calling, and your leadership team’s ability to move your church into its next phase of growth—you’re ready for the next step in the building process.

Now it’s time to Envision what your new ministry space will be—how much space you need and how you’ll maximize it for your church’s unique ministry calling.

During the Envision phase, your team will need to take a hard look at how feasible it will be to make your building dreams a reality. This is the perfect time to review the financial resources available, before you enter into a costly architecture phase with a design-build firm.

In the Envision phase, you’ll want to:

  • Prioritize your ministry goals and determine how new physical space will help you achieve these goals
  • Establish a realistic plan for funding a building project

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The Envision phase is step two in laying a firm foundation for a successful church building project. After you’ve determined the feasibility of doing a church building project and the steps needed to make it become reality, you’re ready for step three…

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