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Every successful church building project starts here.

The Uncover phase is for taking a close look at:

  • The culture and your community
  • The clarity of your church’s mission and vision, and your church’s ability to communicate this effectively
  • The overall health and strength of your church’s leadership
  • Growth engines and barriers that may be affecting your ministry now and in the future
  • The resources your church has, and your ability to identify and obtain additional funding for a building project

Every decision about your church’s building project will flow from the Uncover process. By clarifying your church’s unique DNA—the passions and gifts that drive ministry—you’ll be better prepared to examine the factors in the culture and within your community that are shaping ministry needs.

Church leadership can enhance—and sometimes inhibit—ministry growth and effectiveness. New ministry space will never compensate for poor leadership, and a church building project is too big an investment not to have a clear grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of your current ministry team. Before you build, be sure you’ve got the strongest team in place to lead your church into the future.

The Uncover phase will also help you discern the growth engines and barriers that may be affecting your ministry now and in the future. The Uncover step helps ensure you build the right space to match your ministry mission and vision.

The final phase of the Uncover process is discerning the ways in which new or improved facilities will enhance ministry. What kind of space will facilitate better fellowship and discipleship today—and tomorrow?

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The Uncover phase is the first step in laying a firm foundation for a successful church building project. Step two is …