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Bluffton United Methodist Church

Project Type: Renovations, New Facilities

Mar 11, 2017 3:07:59 PM

Bluffton United Methodist Church | Bluffton, SC

Located on Calhoun St. in Historic Bluffton, SC, Bluffton United Methodist Church entered into exploration phase for the possibility of expansion of their historically contributing sanctuary. After readiness assessment, ministry are study and campus master planning, it was determined that the logical need was for expanded worship seating without adversely affecting the aesthetic and intimacy of their historic sanctuary. The result was a plan that nearly doubled the current seating by winging out the sides of the sanctuary – a project that seamlessly blended with the existing facility. It also added a much need music suite for the church’s important music ministry, improved circulation and the use of connecting/multipurpose space. It also positions the church well for subsequent phases of their master plan.

Bluffton, SC

Category: New Additions

Credit: Court Atkins Architects

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