Apostolic Christian Church of Indianapolis One Year Ministry Story Blog Feature

By: Aspen Group on January 10, 2012

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Apostolic Christian Church of Indianapolis One Year Ministry Story

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ACIndy VBS BlogCrossroads….the place where roads intersect.  And that is how Indy AC describes their new Fellowship Hall that was added a year ago as part of an Aspen Group project that included both an addition and renovation of their church.  “We are so blessed to have such a beautiful space to worship and serve together.  Our new church fits us so well and accommodates all of our programs and ministries in a flexible way.  The details are elegant and simply gorgeous,” stated Building Committee Member Mark Beebe.

A church that puts high value on worship, connection, and serving, their prior space presented significant barriers to taking their ministry and programs to a higher level.  A 270-seat sanctuary was added, providing a beautiful, traditional space for worship.  The design included the new fellowship hall, located adjacent to the sanctuary.  It not only serves as the crossroads to all other parts of the church, but also offers the adaptability to be used for overflow seating where people still feel connected to services in the sanctuary, has provided a richer experience for special services, weddings, and baptisms.

Its adaptability was utilized when a recent statewide youth event was held at the church with the focus on connecting and serving.  Gathering first at the church, 120 young people from across Indiana came together for a community outreach project.  Many felt it was their best youth outreach project ever, partly because the new ministry space provided ample room to connect first at the church and easily move to different areas to prepare for the day.

“Hometown Nazareth” their VBS theme last summer, came to life with new dimensions and elements made possible by the new Fellowship Hall.  The ceiling heights in the new space allowed for temporary theming and partitions to be hung, something they had not been able to incorporate before and the “crossroads” lay-out provided an easy flow from activity to activity during VBS.  The results were an enriched learning experience for the children.

A warm, inviting, beautiful church is a good thing, but when that is combined with the vision of the church being captured in the design of each ministry space, then people can worship, connect and serve in even greater ways.