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Becky Phillips

By: Becky Phillips on January 22, 2018

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Building Better Churches AND Better Careers

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I remember the first time I heard of Aspen Group when a connection reached out to me and let me know they were growing and searching for their first HR Director. When I asked a few questions about the company, he was quick to share how great working at Aspen was—with an unwavering focus on the mission of creating space for ministry impact, living out the company’s values, and a family-friendly, collaborative environment.

I was excited to apply and was honored to join the team in August 2017. When I came onboard, I saw that everything I had been told about the organization and how it treats its employees is true! Aspen’s leadership truly believes that having engaged and fulfilled staff is the most critical company health indicator and allows us to best serve our client churches.

Aspen Named “Best Christian Workplace” Again

One of the ways Aspen Group lives out our commitment to staff engagement is by participating each year in the Best Christian Workplace survey, the leading Christian-based engagement survey. Almost 1,000 churches, ministries and Christian-owned businesses have measured the health of their workplace culture with this tool.

Aspen Group employees were asked to participate in the survey in December, and we were so thankful to receive 100 percent staff participation.

I’m thrilled to share that Aspen Group has received the designation as a Certified Best Christian Workplace for a third consecutive time based on survey results! We were humbled to see that our scores were higher than the average organization in 51 out of 55 questions and honored to see improvement over our previous year’s scores yet again.

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The survey results highlighted many of the strengths of Aspen Group as an employer that I have observed in my time here. Critical areas where we scored most favorably on the BCW survey include:

  • high level of trust between leadership and employees
  • staff who are highly committed to excellence in their work, strong teamwork, competitive pay and benefits
  • fun work environment
  • opportunity to use your spiritual gifts at work

Talent, strategy, and leadership are strong drivers that impact employee engagement, so it was affirming for Aspen to receive high marks from our staff in these areas.

Building the Kingdom

The survey also includes some open-ended survey questions that staff can answer anonymously. One such question asked, “What are the specific things about Aspen Group that make it a great workplace?” Being part of a greater mission was a theme that surfaced in many staff responses.

One of our employees shared, “We have the opportunity to build the kingdom, literally. We assist churches with excellent facilities, designed with Christian principles and objectives to reach the hurting, lost, and broken. It’s great people working together to do great things!”

Another theme arose around the work environment here. “It’s great to be able to own my role and not feel micromanaged or stifled. I know my manager really cares about me as a person,” said one staff member.

Another wrote, “Aspen Group has an emphasis on work/life balance. They have a strong value and ethics system. Leaders have integrity and strive to be honest and fair. They work constantly to improve on faults and learn from mistakes. Always growing. Visionary.”  

What We’re Learning

Speaking of always learning (which also happens to be one of our values), there was some helpful, constructive feedback that came from this year’s survey results too.

Like many other organizations, we can improve in our communication across the company, in role clarity for each position, and in continually improving our accountability. We’re committed to bettering ourselves in these areas. Leadership is already planning training opportunities, focus groups, and creating actionable items around these themes, and we look forward to seeing how these efforts will help build an even stronger workplace culture here.

It’s a joy to be part of an organization where our staff of nearly 50 are using their professional skills in areas like development, design, construction, and support roles to be part of a mission that they connect with personally.

I love being part of a team that is all pulling in the same direction and truly cares about its employees and the churches we serve. It’s an honor to be named a Best Christian Workplace for another year. We’ll strive to keep putting our employees first, believing that as we build better careers, we’re able to build better churches. It’s all about doing meaningful work with great people!

As Aspen Group continues to grow, we would love to connect with you about future employment opportunities here too. Find me at or follow Aspen on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed when we have new opportunities available. 


About Becky Phillips

Becky Phillips joined Aspen Group in 2017 as the Human Resources Director, after starting her career in the construction industry and spending the past 14 years in various HR leadership roles at an international ministry organization. Currently, in her role as Vice President of People and Culture, Becky ensures that Aspen Group remains a great place to work—attracting, motivating, engaging, and retaining fantastic people.

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