Could your church library be a “sacred cow” Blog Feature

By: Aspen Group on August 26, 2011

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Could your church library be a “sacred cow”

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Written by Lynn Noe

I recently heard automobile makers are going to stop putting CD players in new cars.  You have to give them credit…they are “tuned” into their market, technology and what is becoming obsolete.

You could take that same approach with your church building.  Are there things you have there simply because they have always been there?  Or maybe because of who bought, donated or was instrumental in them being a part of your church building?  If something is obsolete or outdated that might be reason enough to get rid of them.  But I would challenge you to think about it from a ministry focus.   Are there “sacred cows” in your church that are actually barriers to your ministry?

First question…. Who are you trying to reach?  We hear from many churches that have a focused ministry plan to reach a certain demographic.  Let’s say your church has looked at its community and determined it wants to reach out to the 30-something families.  So you have amped up your children’s ministry, incorporated contemporary music into your worship and launched a new, edgy logo.  All could be great steps in communicating your vision.  But what about your facility itself?  What message is it sending?

When is the last time you drove onto your church property, into the parking and walked through the building with a set of “fresh” eyes?  Every element speaks to your community.  From your signage outside, the appearance of your building, your front door and everything inside, there are constant messages being communicated.  I was in a church recently whose vision is to reach young families in their area.  The pastor felt their current foyer and connection area had the look of a funeral home…not the message he wanted conveyed.  In their case, they wanted nothing to be a barrier from someone coming in and feeling welcomed.

Could your church library be a “sacred cow”?  Does anyone use your library?  Does it align with your core ministries?  Are there better ways to utilize that space(or other areas) that better facilitate ministry and relationships?

I challenge you to walk through your facility and look for what doesn’t align with the vision of your church.  It speaks loudly to your guests.  Let me know what you see that needs changed.  It might help other church look with “fresh eyes.”