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Greg Snider

By: Greg Snider on February 26, 2013

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Extending Your Reach

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As we’ve seen, the multisite movement is not going away anytime soon. In fact, according to Jim Tomberlin in Outreach Magazine, “there are 3,000 expressions of multisite church across North America ... 50 percent of megachurches have multiple campuses [while]another 20 percent are thinking about it.”

The multisite movement will only continue to grow. And chances are, if you haven’t already jumped into it, then you’ll probably at least consider making the move at some point.

This very topic will be discussed on March 15-16 at the Extend Multi-Site Conference 2013, at the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois in Urbana. The event offers successful multisite strategies from experienced church leaders and several ways to reach a greater part of the local community through the multisite approach.

Geoff Surratt, managing director of Exponential and author of such books as The Multisite Church Revolution, The Multisite Church Roadtrip and 10 Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing, will be the featured speaker. Jim Egli, the leadership & missions pastor at the Vineyard Church and recent guest blogger of “10 Multi-Site Church Myths (and Realities)” will also be available to answer questions on the Vineyard Church’s multisite experiences.

These visionary discussions can be so valuable to church leaders looking toward the future of their congregation. If your church body is growing and you’re contemplating the next step, consider joining the Vineyard Church and Aspen Group at the Extend Multi-Site Conference 2013.

Aspen Group’s always believed that these discussions about where the Church is heading are so valuable to church leaders looking toward the future. We’re honored to partner with Vineyard Church at this event. For more information and to register, visit


About Greg Snider

Greg Snider joined Aspen Group, a design/build/furnish firm for churches, in 1999. Since that time, he has worked with a wide range of churches throughout the past two decades, including many large, innovative, multisite congregations. His mission is to help churches discover how to maximize their facilities and create space for ministry impact. He has written and presented on the power of connecting space, growth engines and barriers, and how to build churches for community impact.