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How to Build Momentum at Your Church Now Blog Feature
Marian V. Liautaud

By: Marian V. Liautaud on September 01, 2020

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How to Build Momentum at Your Church Now

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How can you maximize your ministry and build momentum in this season? While it’s been a year of unexpected challenges, it’s also been a time of innovation and inquiry by church leaders as they explore new ways to function and live more fully on mission. Some are addressing pandemic-related challenges while others are recognizing it’s an opportune time to pursue facility improvements. 

In response to these needs, Aspen Group released its new Rapid Relaunch program, a 30-day engagement with our team of facility experts to explore challenges and create an actionable, customized facility plan that you can execute on fast.

Need a quick facility fix? Find out if Rapid Relaunch is right for your church.

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Recently, Church Relations Coordinator Josh Gregoire joined our Project Developer Matt Rodgers to get answers to some of the top Rapid Relaunch questions and how this can be a momentum builder for churches. Here are a few highlights from that conversation:

Q: What makes Rapid Relaunch different?aspen-fb-live-josh-matt-rapid-relaunch

A: Rapid Relaunch is about asking what we can do during this unique time. How can we use this time to Kingdom advantage? We bring our team of experts in to assess the site and get the church to an executable facility solution within 30 days. It’s a quick option that is ideal for churches who are not sure their current building strategy is going to take them into the future—maybe they need to work on their worship, lobby, or kids space—or for those who are in need of a new space for worship. We’re trying to make this as quick as possible and, at Aspen Group, we have the horsepower to bring together creative solutions and concepts for the church.

Q: Does the 30-day Rapid Relaunch engagement include design or construction?

A: Rapid Relaunch is about determining the most effective short-term step a church can take next to maximize their facility space as they prepare for a new season of ministry. Though design and construction are separate costs, we create a path for churches to execute on the plan we develop. It’s so important for the church to step back and get a 30,000-foot view, and that’s where the Aspen team comes in. We ask strategic questions. I've really enjoyed the challenge and the conversations that this has created with pastors, getting to ask them some of the questions they haven't given themselves the opportunity to ask in a while, or maybe ever.

matt-church-social-distance-w-captionQ: Can you give an example of how Rapid Relaunch is working for a church?

A: Currently, we’re partnering with a church in Florida on a Rapid Relaunch. (Of course, we don’t want to release their name so they can have the fun of revealing this work to their congregation!) They were looking for creative changes to make in their worship, lobby and kids’ space. When they saw our portfolio of work, they asked us to meet.

We walked their campus with a dynamic team from the church. As we explored, we asked questions and walked into spaces that many of them hadn't been into for a long period of time. We unlocked doors that hadn’t been unlocked recently and looked at things from a different perspective. Our team enjoyed the challenge of seeing it for the first time and honing in on those unique questions that help leaders, maybe for the first time, think about things from a different perspective. At Aspen Group, we want to be known for asking better questions that get to better solutions for the ministry.

"At Aspen Group, we want to be known for asking better questions that get to better solutions for the ministry." —Matt Rodgers, Aspen Project Developer


Q: What do the Rapid Relaunch steps look like?

A: First, we ask churches that are interested in Rapid Relaunch to fill out a form so we can learn a little bit about their needs before we talk. Once we receive that initial information, we’ll schedule a call to determine if Rapid Relaunch is a good fit for their needs, or if our robust, integrated approach would work better. 

When we move forward with the Rapid Relaunch consulting agreement, we visit onsite and meet with key leaders. We walk the space with them, talk about ideas, use Post-it notes and markers as we dream about what could be. During the 30-day engagement, we develop a facility solution and an executable plan. Often churches will have more facility needs than one Rapid Relaunch engagement can address, so we’ll recommend what we think can be done before the church goes back to live services in the church and what may need to be phased in over time. And we help the church create a budget so they can make a plan based on their finances or through a capital campaign. join-us-for-facebook-live

In this COVID season especially, many churches have reached out to us because they’re overwhelmed as they think about reopening their church for in-person gatherings. The last thing we want to do is present a solution through Rapid Relaunch that is equally overwhelming. Instead, we want it to be something that fits the church’s needs and can become a tangible step forward. My goal is that, on the other side of this, they're going to say, “I couldn't have imagined going through this season, as it pertains to our facility, without having Aspen at my side.”

Q: How can Rapid Relaunch help build momentum for churches?

A: This is a unique time for church leaders, and also for the congregation and even the community. Right now, we’re seeing churches move and act in creative ways that they probably weren't ready for six or ten months ago. There’s a greater willingness to reevaluate their buildings because of the fact that people are going to be walking into these spaces with fresh eyes and fresh hearts. Some of them, sadly, are also going to be facing it with fresh losses. 

The church can be a space that feels like it’s here on purpose, intentionally designed to meet the needs people have today. Churches that are asking the questions that Rapid Relaunch answers are really trying to put their finger on the pulse of the community and the church. They are asking, How can we be there for the community? For the kingdom? How can we step into a ministry that we've never seen before? I believe that is something that's coming out of Rapid Relaunch. 

If you’re facing facility challenges and contemplating solutions, we’d love to be the team of qualified experts to help you figure out your next steps. Let’s talk through your situation and see if Rapid Relaunch might be right for your church.


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