How Well Have You Equipped Your Church Messengers? Blog Feature

By: Jamie Shafer on May 05, 2016

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How Well Have You Equipped Your Church Messengers?

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For more than 10 years, Fishhook has been helping churches better communicate to their audiences. And in that time, we’ve seen a few trends, such as these common indicators of communication challenges:

  1. Inability to articulate a common mission or purpose

  2. Messages compete with or contradict one another

  3. Lack of cohesive strategy around communications tools

  4. Ministry silos run communications autonomously

  5. Lack of a common language within the team

  6. Inconsistent brand representation among materials

  7. Members are confused about where to find information

  8. Leaders are frustrated about how/when their messages are shared

  9. Deadlines are missed or never even identified

  10. It’s hard to identify church priorities in everyday messaging

At Fishhook, we have found that churches that communicate well are made up of teams of strong communicators. At the same time, we also realize many church staff members don’t come to their roles with formal communications training. If they do, they can still feel challenged by trying to figure out how to apply their communications knowledge in a church setting.

Our team wanted to help churches, so we developed a six-session course called TeamSpeak through Fishhook University.

In TeamSpeak, we help propel church teams forward in their communications skills and strategies by giving them a common language. In a short period of time, your ministry team learns best practices in communications and how to apply them in your own church setting.

Fishhook developed a video curriculum—along with corresponding activity-based sessions—on best practices for church communications. We’ve worked with countless churches, and the tips and tools incorporated into the course have been tested and proven to be successful.

During the course, we walk through aspects of church communications that affect everyday ministry messaging. This training applies to everyday church communications as well as crucial messaging that takes place during major changes, such as a church building project.

The first session focuses on the importance of your church’s mission and its link to your everyday messaging. The next four sessions focus on messaging prioritization and planning, plus skill building in the areas of content development, sharing your story online, and keeping your brand consistent. The course wraps up with a training session on assessing and improving your overall guest experience.

Although the course materials are available online, we recognize that each church is different and would benefit from some course customization. To address that need, we personally coach a member of the church staff who serves as the onsite facilitator.

Preparing your team to become effective messengers can take your message further and increase its impact. TeamSpeak can help them to recognize and embrace their important role. And it can allow your church to avoid confusing communications and focus your efforts on telling compelling stories about the people of your church and the impact your church wants to have on your community and the world.

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