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Quick Solutions for Top Church Facility Challenges Blog Feature
Evan McBroom

By: Evan McBroom on September 01, 2020

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Quick Solutions for Top Church Facility Challenges

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Three years from now, what stories do you hope to tell about your church as you reflect on 2020? Perhaps you’ll share how your congregation served your community in new ways. Or how your leaders found creative ways to gather for worship, more committed than ever to helping people grow in their faith. Maybe others will be telling stories about your church—how it proved to be an unexpected source of hope for them during a difficult time.

Lately, we’ve heard from church leaders who are trying to write their relaunch story but are facing facility challenges. As you think about your ministry’s mission and the stories you want to tell, is your current facility proving to be an asset or an obstacle?

At Aspen Group, we believe 2020 can become a pivotal year for your ministry in a positive and unprecedented way. The remaining months can be an opportunity to address a church facility challenge you’ve been considering for a long time. Or to find a solution to a new problem you just didn’t anticipate. With our recently announced Rapid Relaunch program, you could start telling new stories in just 30 days.


Need a quick facility fix? Find out if Rapid Relaunch is right for your church.

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Rapid Relaunch is a new offering for those seeking quick solutions and support from someone with expertise in creating space for ministry impact. It includes a 30-day customized engagement with our team of facility experts to help solve urgent ministry space challenges brought on by the pandemic like the following:

          • Key Space with Challenges

            Good news—you have available space. Bad news—it’s not meeting your ministry’s needs. Many churches are seeking solutions for key areas like their worship space, main lobby, or children’s area. When it comes to the worship area, should you consider an upgrade to host online church with more of a broadcast studio approach? Or you may be wondering what it would take to create more open space for connection and traffic flow in your lobby. Could your children’s area use a few adaptations to better support social distancing?

          • Finding a New Meeting Space

            This is tough. You lost the lease on the school where you were meeting and now your congregation is without a home. Rapid Relaunch can identify options in your community. We’ll help you consider where you could meet and what the impact would be if you moved into that location. For example, what kinds of changes might have to be made to retrofit the space to work for you?

        • Maximizing Underutilized Space

          Within your church, possibly even among your multisites, you have extensive square footage available and you don’t know exactly what to do with it right now. It is quiet and dark. What are your options? How might you repurpose some of the space for other ministry purposes? Or to meet a significant need in your community?


If you’re facing any of these facility challenges and contemplating solutions, it helps to have a team of qualified experts help you figure out the magnitude of scope and your potential next steps. We'd love to talk through your situation and see if Rapid Relaunch might be right for your church.


About Evan McBroom

Evan McBroom is Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Aspen Group. He lives with his wife, Debbie, in Lebanon, Tennessee.