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Taking Steps Toward the Digital Age Blog Feature
Greg Snider

By: Greg Snider on May 21, 2013

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Taking Steps Toward the Digital Age

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This blog exists because of technology, and you're reading it today because you've embraced technology in some way. You found it in your inbox, via Google, on our website or via social media.

Can the same be said for your church? Has your church embraced technology? Here are three specific ways that churches could begin embracing the digital age:

  1. Interaction: There's nothing like personal interaction—when it's available. Finding real, live volunteers has always been a challenge, and, to reduce that burden, many churches have begun to look at technological options. For example, some churches have installed touch screens in their childcare areas—reducing congestion during the check-in process. And, to guide people through their building better, many churches now leverage digital signage that can rotate multiple messages and be modified easily.
  2. Energy: More and more churches are looking at ways to reduce the energy they expend in their spaces, and lighting options seem to be leading the way—no pun intended. Some churches prefer LED lighting, for example. It's not only highly efficient, but also offers churches a myriad of color options for each distinct area in the building. Churches are also looking at motion sensor lighting options that automatically turn on only after detecting movement. Why pay for energy that's not being used?
  3. Communications: Perhaps one of the biggest hesitations to the digital change comes in how churches communicate to their congregation. "Paper's how we've always done it." Or, "We don't want to upset the handful of members who only want hard copies." To embrace the next generation of givers, churches need to go digital with their communications. Ephesians 4:11-12 tells us (according to my YouVersion Bible app) the church exists to help people developing in their walk with Christ. How can your website, emails, apps, etc., help in this way? Churches need communications that are tighter, cleaner and more compelling. I would highly recommend checking out Fishhook's blog for some fresh communications insights.

The digital age is here…and it's moving quickly. If churches don't begin embracing it, they'll be bulldozed by it.


About Greg Snider

Greg Snider joined Aspen Group, a design/build/furnish firm for churches, in 1999. Since that time, he has worked with a wide range of churches throughout the past two decades, including many large, innovative, multisite congregations. His mission is to help churches discover how to maximize their facilities and create space for ministry impact. He has written and presented on the power of connecting space, growth engines and barriers, and how to build churches for community impact.