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By: Jim Tomberlin on July 16, 2010

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The Five "P's" of Launching a Multi-Site Campus

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Below is a portion of CKN Knowledge Partner Jim Tomberlin's recent blog post about launching a multi-site campus. We encourage you to visit Multi-Site Solutions’ blog for the full article and other valuable resources on multi-site strategy.

Multi-site congregations have a high success rate because of the support and leverage of the sending church.  So what does it take to launch a multi-site campus?

Multi-Site Screen

You need:   

  • Prayer to Precede
  • Provision to Start
  • Pastor to Lead
  • People to Follow
  • A Place to Meet

 Prayer to Precede

Have you prayed about going multi-site? There are many logical and compelling reasons to go multi-site, but the only one that really matters is God’s call. Is this something God is leading your church to do? Is there a profound sense that God is in this initiative? Is there an overwhelming conviction “we have to do this to be obedient and faithful stewards of our resources in order to fulfill God’s purpose for our church?” This conviction primarily comes as God confirms through prayer.

As you begin to wrap your arms around your community through a multiple campus strategy, Pray4YourBlock is a wonderful resource to help mobilize your prayer champions and congregation to pray for the neighborhoods where they already live. Imagine what could happen if the communities you are trying to reach were covered and saturated with prayer!

Provision to Start

Any endeavor takes seed money to get launched. Though multi-siting creates more seats at the optimal inviting hours for a fraction of the cost and in less time than building on to an existing church facility, it does cost money. The average start-up cost nationwide for launching a campus is...

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