Three Keynotes Featured at Aspen’s 2015 Alignment Conference Blog Feature

By: Aspen Group on July 01, 2015

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Three Keynotes Featured at Aspen’s 2015 Alignment Conference

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One keynote speaker just wouldn’t do for Aspen Group’s 2015 Alignment Conference. We needed three.

The theme of this year’s conference—“Building a Story”—follows a narrative arc developed by our three keynote presenters. Each keynote speaker will develop one part of the day’s theme to help church leaders think about the story your church space is telling.

Part 1: Why Story Matters, and What Makes One Worth Telling

Our first keynote speaker of the day will be Justin Bell, a former worship arts programmer turned filmmaker. Justin is a graduate of USC’s Peter Stark Producing Program and a faculty member and former director of Act One—a training program for Christian filmmakers in Hollywood. In his session, Justin will explore why story matters and the elements that make a story worth telling.

Part 2: What We Can Learn from Others’ Stories

A past Alignment Conference speaker, Rex Miller returns as our second keynoter of the day. Rex is widely recognized in the science of workplace innovation. He is winner of the 2009 CoreNet Global Innovator of the Year award, and the author of several books, including Change Your Space, Change Your Culture. In his session, Rex will analyze others’ stories outside of the church and offer help on uncovering clues the church can use to better reach and engage all generations for Christ.

Part 3: Telling Your Church’s Unique Story

In the final keynote session of the day, Kevin Miller will apply his combined experience as an author, editor, publisher, and preacher to help attendees discover how culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities influence a church’s story. Kevin, the executive director of Ministry Advancement at Christianity Today, will provide practical tips and examples of churches that are in alignment in these key areas, and how this leads to unique stories that are clear and compelling.

In between these keynote presentations, the Alignment Conference will also include a robust schedule of breakout sessions—chapters, if you will—that take these big concepts and develop them into practical ways to build a story. Be sure to check out the full schedule of breakout sessions. Space is limited, so be sure to register soon!