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Derek DeGroot

By: Derek DeGroot on October 02, 2019

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3 Reasons Why Your Church May Be Ready for a Makeover

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It happens to most churches. You’ve been in the same church building for many years. It was great in the 70s and the 80s, but as your ministries have evolved, your building hasn’t.

What worked well when you had adult Sunday School classes or when your children’s ministries didn’t include a large-group worship time, may now be misaligned space. Too often it's the physical space within a church building that defines the type of ministry that occurs. When we miss ministry opportunities because we have a facility misaligned with who we are as a church, it can become a serious stewardship issue.

Learn how to create Third Place spaces in your church where people can deepen their relationships with God and each other.

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Here are three reasons why your church may benefit from a redesign: 

Design for Relationships

There are many reasons we repurpose, add on, or build brand new worship facilities. From adding Third Place connecting space, to accommodating an increase in attendance in the worship area or kids ministries, or needing more administration space for staff and counseling, we must realize that growing relationships symbolize healthy churches. Design for them! Explore what unique call your church has to offer in these relationships, and push the design of each space to enhance them.

Design for Facility Stewardship

It is a given that to be good stewards, there will be appropriate budgets tied to facility changes or additions, and its sustainability. But in today’s world, small is the new large. That makes it even more vital that there is strong collaboration in thinking through how the facility will look, how it will be used, and how it will be equipped to do ministry before construction ever starts. Many churches are building smaller facilities but spending more per square foot to achieve the results they want.

Are you a steward of your built environment? Are you utilizing the square footage you have for maximum ministry impact?

Design for Experiential Space

When someone comes to your church, what do you want to happen? Our guess is you want them to experience a connection with people, a connection with God, and a connection with becoming equipped to serve. What do people see when they pull into the parking lot? What do they feel when they walk through the front door?  What makes them want to hang out after the service? Answering these questions will paint a picture of what the overall experience is at your church. It isn’t just about how it looks….it is about creating spaces where ministry will happen. Spontaneously.


About Derek DeGroot

Derek DeGroot is President of Aspen Group. After graduating from University of Illinois-Chicago’s architecture program, Derek began his career in residential design. At the same time, his church was embarking on a building project. Derek quickly realized that churches needed to find a better way to build. Soon after, he discovered and joined Aspen Group in 2007.