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Joe LaPaglia

By: Joe LaPaglia on March 27, 2014

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Your Holy Week Punch List

Managing Facilities

Holy Week—the last week of Lent and the week before Easter—probably stands as one of the busiest times inside your church walls. And there's always much to do in preparation for the attendance increase that tends to take place from Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

When readying your church campus for this Easter season, make sure these things are on your punch list:

1. Winter cleanup of all exterior parking lots, including sweeping of all debris where snow was plowed.

2. Remove all advertising signs around campus, especially election campaign signs from the primaries.

3. Change out all banners and sermon series signs to current series.

4. Clean and power wash all sidewalks at main entrances to the church.

5. Emergency patch all potholes from winter season.

6. Change all exterior parking lot lamps on light standards and mounted to the building.

7. Cleanup all planting beds around building and trim all trees and bushes.

8. Mow lawn, if possible and necessary.

9. Clean all carpet in vestibule areas and down each hallway from the heavily-traveled entrances.

10. Make sure all interior lightbulbs (lamps) in all fixtures, as well as all theatrical lamps and gels, are working.

11. Scrub and wax all bathroom floors. Also, refresh decorations in women’s restrooms.

12. Refill all paper products in church building regularly throughout the week and/or services. Be careful not to overfill dispensers.

13. Clean building after Holy Thursday and Good Friday services, even if you typically clean it just once a week.

14. Clean and polish glass of all entrance doors.

15. Secure plenty of greeters for all services.


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