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A Better Way to Build

Stewarding your resources for a church building
project requires authentic passion for the mission,
plus a trusting—and trustworthy—team. It also requires a proven process that allows us to collaborate and create well together. With Aspen, you’ll experience our "better way to build" approach.

Based on our years of experience on a host of church building projects,
we’ve developed a robust process for building for ministry:

What Our “Better Way” Approach Means for You

Step 01


Every decision about your church’s building project will flow from the Uncover process. In this phase, we’ll dig deep with you in a customized Aspen Discovery Summit to understand the key factors that may be driving growth—or creating a barrier to it—at your church. We’ll listen to your concerns and help find solutions to overcome them. We’ll work to gain an intimate understanding of your church’s DNA, the people you hope to reach, your ministry strategy, and your leadership style and priorities. All of these factors create the clarity needed to build the right space in the right time at the right price.

The Uncover phase is for discovering:

  • The culture and your community
  • The clarity of your church’s mission and vision, and your church’s ability to communicate this effectively
  • The overall health and strength of your church’s leadership
  • Growth engines and barriers that may be affecting your ministry now and in the future
  • The resources your church has, and your ability to identify and obtain additional funding for a building project

Aspen Group Envision Phase
Step 02


The Envision phase is where trust, talent, fresh insights, prayer, and collaboration come together—where creativity and clarity give shape to innovative, compelling concepts. This is where we’ll work with you to envision how a unique facility will create space for ministry impact at your church.

In the Envision phase, we’ll help you:

  • Prioritize your ministry goals and determine how new physical space will help you achieve these goals
  • Establish a realistic plan for funding a building project

Aspen Group Create Phase
Step 03


Here you’ll collaborate with our architects and interior designers to create ministry space that draws people in and inspires them to stay and grow at your church. Our design team will breathe life into the concepts and ideas we’ve envisioned with you. Throughout this architecture phase, we’ll seek your input to ensure that the church you build is designed to draw people and transform lives and communities.


“Going through this process helped us not just figure out what kind of space we needed; it helped us refine and focus who we are….”

Pastor Dale DeNeal | Executive Pastor, Second Church


Aspen Group Build Phase
Step 04


As walls go up and spaces take shape, ministry dreams become reality. But ministry cannot slow down just because construction begins. Planning out the best way to execute a building project is critical for maintaining ministry continuity even while your church is under construction. We’ll create a project plan that minimizes ministry disruptions, moving you as quickly as possible through the construction process.

Aspen Group Manage Phase
Step 05



You want to be wise stewards of your church’s resources, but are you spending too much money on the upkeep of your building, and not enough on critical ministry needs? We can help you streamline site selection, as well as the purchasing and outsourcing process for managing your church facility, so that you can invest more money and time into ministry.

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Our mission is to create space for ministry impact. Ultimately, we want to help you become a better church, not just a church with a better building. Please fill out the form below so that we can help you get started on creating space for ministry impact!