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Ministry Space Strategist

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Greg joined the Aspen Group in 1999 as a Field Manager. In 2002, he moved into the Project Development role, then Senior Project Developer role in 2009, and into the Account Executive role in 2019. Greg has more than 20 years of construction experience in residential, light commercial, and interior build-out. Fifteen of those years were spent building churches, including Living Water Church in Bolingbrook, Illinois, West Side Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois, and Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois.

Greg’s introduction to Aspen Group was from the other side of the lens. As his home church’s building team chairperson, the church completed a $1 million, 11,000 square foot church project in New Lenox. As such, he was on the job-site every day and got excited about the opportunity to build houses for God. This experience gave Greg firsthand knowledge about how to serve churches during planning and construction.

Greg listens and responds to customer questions and concerns to ensure that the building process runs smoothly and is enjoyable. He works diligently to obtain an intimate understanding of the mission and vision of each church. He then uses this knowledge to guide the project team as they translate that vision into effective design and ultimately into a finished, ministry-enhancing facility. He is passionate about ministry and enjoys the challenge of creating the best possible facility within a church’s budget. Greg, his wife Leann, and their three children live in New Lenox, Illinois. Greg has served as a Deacon, on the worship team, and other various ministry roles for the past 17 years.

The Most Memorable Moment at Aspen

Pastor Lehman of Living Hope had come out of retirement to help facilitate the transition process—a season of growth and of finding a new pastor. He led them through the building campaign for the fifth time in his career and told his congregation that it was the most enjoyable building projects he had ever experienced, with unanticipated joy. His kind words about what we did for his church moved and touched me greatly.

The Most Rewarding Part of Work

  1. Furthering His Kingdom. I love connecting with pastors on a personal level with conversations, birthing new facilities and seeing growth in new ministries. I feel called, not just to design and build but to serve pastors and create an impact.
  2. The building process. Going through the process with my father-in-law (an incredibly humble and God-serving man) has been an awesome experience: Watching him going through the process, asking questions, and understanding different social dynamics at church.
  3. Serving pastors. Every day I love the opportunity to be Aaron who holds up Moses’ arms. I want to encourage and support pastors, making sure the building process doesn’t wear them out, and that it's enjoyable and a season of spiritual growth.

Outside of the Office

I love being outdoors with family, whether it’s at the beach, the lake, hiking, biking, sledding, or building snow forts—we just love to be outside. I also spend time doing missions work—local and overseas—with an agency we support, and with our church.

Greg Snider

Ministry Space Strategist

Top 5 Strengths

(Strengths Finder 2.0)
  1. Empathy
  2. Developer
  3. Belief
  4. Positivity
  5. Woo

“More of him, less of me.”

– John 3:30


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