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I joined Aspen Group as a Superintendent in June of 2018. In the 25 years of my experience as a Construction Superintendent, I’ve spent 15 years in commercial, industrial, educational, and government facility projects.

The Most Rewarding Aspect of My Job

I love being a part of building spaces for people to assemble for the worship of Jesus.

Outside of the Office

I am a long time drummer and guitar player, and I love music in general. I enjoy spending time with my wife, three boys, and my granddaughter. I am also a member of a veterans group in Indianapolis.

“Treat others as you wish to be treated."

Jeff Cauley


Top 5 Strengths

(Strengths Finder 2.0)
  1. Strategic
  2. Responsibility
  3. Maximizer
  4. Arranger
  5. Achiever