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Assoc. IIDA - Interior Designer

When I was in sixth grade, a handful of parents came to tell my class about their careers and one stood out to me: a mom who was an interior designer. She talked about the Merchandise Mart being this amazing building with everything in it that could ever be dreamed up. Since that moment, I knew I wanted to be an interior designer.

After graduating high school in June of 2011, I enrolled at Harrington College of Design. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Interior Design in December of 2014. Less than a month later, I met Lynn Pickard at a mutual friend’s wedding. She told me that Aspen Group was looking to hire another interior designer. After applying and going through the interview process, I was hired as an interior designer for Aspen Group in 2015. I could not have asked for a better journey. It’s such a blessing to be working for Aspen Group!

Why Aspen?

After graduating from college, I had several interviews with different companies. Some of the companies/positions sounded okay, but nothing jumped out at me as something I really loved. However, as soon as I interviewed for the position at the Aspen Group and met some of the staff, I knew that no other company or position would be as great as this one. My favorite part of working for Aspen Group is that I have the privilege to work for and with Christians. I never imagined that there would be a job in the world of interior design where every team meeting opens with prayer. In addition to being a Christian company, I love everything that I am able to do and the collaborative spirit that everyone shares. I also greatly enjoy the sense of humor that the staff of Aspen has.


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The Most Rewarding Aspect of My Job:

Getting critique from a church, my coworkers, or bosses about projects I had a part in is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Learning how I can improve from past mistakes and past successes helps me grow as a person and as an interior designer.

Outside of the Office

I am typically hanging out with my friends or family. I enjoy being around people and socializing. My favorite activity for the past couple of years has been riding with my husband while he plows snow during the winter. I am always looking forward to the seemingly endless hours of great conversations and hearty laughs that we share during those rides.

Megan Bruinsma

ASSOC. IIDA - Interior Designer

Top 5 Strengths

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  1. Empathy
  2. Communication
  3. Relator
  4. Positivity
  5. Developer

“And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14b

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