Millennials — those born between 1984 and 2002 — have significantly changed the church landscape.

Learn How to Engage Our World's Biggest Generation: Millennials

Download a sample chapter on facilities from Making Space for Millennials, a study on church architecture and its effect on Millennials' faith journey.

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Many churches struggle with how to make space for Millennials—not just creating appealing space in their buildings and gathering places—but also space in their institutional culture, ministry models, and leadership approach. These resources will help you understand how to connect with Millennials in your church, school, or organization.

  • Discover the impact Millennials' values, allegiances, and assumptions will have on your church.
  • Hear Millennials’ perspectives on worship and community spaces.
  • Learn from practitioners in each of the four design arenas—culture, ministry, leadership and facilities.
  • Gain valuable insights on how this generation views and relates to form and function.

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