Aurora Christian School: Warehouse Remodel

Project Details:

  • Renovation of building exterior with entryway and signage
  • Renovation of gym, weight room,
    locker room, and restrooms
  • Renovation of classrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, library, computer and
    science labs
ACS gym, high.jpg

Project Background:

Aspen Group took a vacant warehouse and transformed Aurora Christian School into a cutting-edge campus in nine months.


Project Results:

Working closely with the school administration, Aspen architects created an interior layout that inspires thought and community. They organized the school into “pods,” each with a central gathering place flooded with natural light from above. Classrooms are arranged around each pod and vibrant colors are used to stimulate creativity.

Due to the unknowns, renovating an existing structure presents greater challenges than new construction. Aspen’s design/build arrangement proved to be key to keeping the project on schedule and on budget.


Additional Images

ACS gym emblem.jpg
ACS weight room.jpg

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