Project Details:

  • Renovation of auditorium with
    new stage and upgraded AVL
  • Transformation of children’s ministry spaces, with hallway for better traffic flow
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Project Background:

Emmanuel Church in Greenwood, IN faced a challenge. They were blessed with a generous amount of space, but it was not the right space. The tremendous growth they had experienced over the past several years made this even more apparent. The problem was two-fold: they were tight on space in the auditorium and children’s ministry, and the facility itself was not aligned with their ministry. The traditional building did not match the people and the vibrant, cutting-edge ministry of the church. The recently completed renovation project at Emmanuel was the first phase in repurposing their facility into the right space—space that would enhance their ministry. “Our goal with this project was to create better circulation between the auditorium and children’s space, as well as open up the auditorium and children’s areas to accommodate the explosive growth that Emmanuel has experienced,” shared Aspen.

The children’s ministry space was overhauled as well. The layout of the building was very confusing and inefficient. Some families were just staying home on Sunday mornings because it was so difficult to get everyone where they needed to be.

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Project Results:

In the auditorium, pews were exchanged for theater seats and chandeliers exchanged for upgraded lighting. New paint and fixtures transformed the outdated sanctuary into a sleek auditorium, complete with stage and upgraded AVL capabilities. With a little creativity, the seating arrangement more comfortably accommodates the capacity that the auditorium was originally designed for.

To mitigate the problem in the children’s ministry area, the space was transformed from several small, inefficient spaces into 4 larger rooms with an additional hallway to allow smoother traffic flow between the auditorium and children’s areas. Theming of the rooms was self-performed by the church, giving a bright, new look to the space

The newly renovated space has already created excitement and energy in the church and has added even more momentum to their “Relentless Pursuit” initiative—a movement of boldness with a vision to reach thousands in their community for Christ.

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