Vineyard Cincinnati Church Admin Renovation

Project Details:

  • Date completed: May 2019
  • 16,400 sq. ft. renovation of church administration building
  • New interior open office layout
  • Open workspace
  • Huddle rooms, conference rooms,
    video suites
  • Kitchen, café/lounge
  • New roof with solar array
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-cubbies-web

Project Background:

Vineyard Cincinnati Church has been a diverse, vibrant congregation serving the needs of Cincinnati for more than 30 years. The church staff’s office space, however, ran counter to the vibrant culture of this outward-focused church. Instead of fostering collaboration and inspiration, the closed-off layout of the interior of the administrative building created both a physical and cultural barrier between teammates. Something needed to be done to unite Vineyard’s staff of approximately 80.

Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Lobby-Games-web

Project Results:

Aspen Group overhauled Vineyard’s entire admin building, knocking down walls to create an open office concept. The newly renovated admin space includes open workspace, a limited number of private offices, huddle rooms, conference rooms, restrooms, a kitchen, video suites, a cafe/lounge, and a new roof.

With a complete remodel and renovation of the interior, the culture of the staff has changed drastically. Even in just a short amount of time, the work environment is exciting and alive. The team is able to work more efficiently, and they can connect more effectively.

One other major component of the project was a solar array on the roof to invest in sustainable energy. Though solar energy includes a large upfront cost, the payback over time can be significant. Through the summer of 2019 alone, the church saw a 42% decrease in electrical utility costs. The total payback time frame is estimated to be 11 years. The church is now considering alternative energy sources for the rest of the campus.

Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Hightop-2-web

Additional Images

Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-single-space-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Small-Cluster
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Small-Cluster-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-quiet-room-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Hightop-2-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-cluster-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Lobby-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Lobby-Games-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-cluster-2-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-conference-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-mural-1-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-conference-2-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-main-desk-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Lobby-Cubbies-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-office-1-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-fireplace-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Kitchen-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-office-glass-wall-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-Hightop-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-fireplace-room-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-hall-hightop-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-cubes-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-cubbies-2-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-cubbies-web
Vineyard Cincinnati-Admin-office2-web
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