West Lafayette Apostolic Christian Church: Green Site

Project Details:

  • New 200-seat sanctuary, with
    traditional pew seating, baptistery,
    and stained glass accented walls
  • New fellowship hall, spacious dining room, and kitchen
  • New alcove with soft seating and fireplace
  • New classrooms, multipurpose room, and nursery

Project Background:

Nestled into a 33-acre wooded site, West Lafayette Apostolic Christian Church is intentionally located to take advantage of its beautiful scenery. West Lafayette has always put a strong emphasis on fellowship and connection, but realized that their facility was not creating the right atmosphere for these things to occur. The church building did not match the character of the congregation. Although West Lafayette places an important focus on Christian Education, the space for instructional teaching was inadequate and the resources and technology were outdated.


Project Results:

West Lafayette partnered with Aspen Group to design and build a new 11,800 square foot church. With an abundance of windows and natural light, the people inside can now take advantage of their beautiful outdoor view. The appreciation for nature is carried throughout the interior design by incorporating wood, stone, and earth tones.

With the new building, West Lafayette finally has the connection space they wanted to promote fellowship and sharing. Equipped with a large, fully functional kitchen, spacious dining room, fellowship hall, and multipurpose room, there is ample opportunity for relationship building. Soft seating and a fireplace invite members to sit and stay awhile.

The new classroom space is much roomier and has the appropriate accommodations for student ministry in the modern digital age. Resources have been upgraded to support teaching and connection within the student ministries. Now, many students linger in the fireside room or the classroom/meeting area, created to validate the importance West Lafayette places on their students.

The congregation is excited about their new facility. Now they have a space that aligns with the church’s ministry and better meets the needs of their attendees as they preach, teach, and live out the gospel of Christ.


Additional Images

West Lafayette Appostolic - Exterior-1.jpg

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