West Side Christian Church Lobby

Project Details:

  • Number of phases: 4
  • Children’s additions remodel 
    completed: 2010
  • Lobby renovation completed: 2011
  • New student center completed: 2012
  • Remodeled sanctuary completed: 2013
  • 1250 sanctuary seats
  • 57,000 sq. ft. remodel
  • 25,250 sq. ft. addition
West Side Atrium-06.jpg

Project Background:

West Side Christian Church is a place where church is relevant, worship is contemporary, and relationships are honest. But after 14 years of growth at their current campus, it became clear to the church leadership that facility changes were needed in order to continue to impact their community. 

West Side's building had plenty of space, but it was dated. In partnership with the church, Aspen Group created a master plan that included renovating the existing space as well as expanding the facility with new construction.

West Side Cafe-03.jpg

Project Results:

Aspen Group was challenged with the task of turning West Side's existing 15,000 square foot lobby designed as a “people mover” into a place where people of all ages could connect in meaningful ways. For inspiration, the design team explored restaurants, coffee houses, and bars--"Third Place" spaces where people connect outside of their home.

With these spaces in mind, Aspen's design team went to work on creating a new architectural language for West Side. The final design included introducing various size columns for scale, one-step platforms to give a sense of being “on a different level” with the person only a few feet away, and physical barriers that were not visual barriers. In this case, glass-less windows give conversation an imaginary buffer, at the same time maintaining the intended traffic flow and visual wayfinding.

West Side Cafe-people.jpg

Additional Images

West Side Exterior-02.jpg
West Side Cafe-04.jpg
West Side Guest Central-01.jpg
West Side Kid's Lobby
Westside Studio A-01.jpg

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