West Side Christian Church Student Center

Project Details:

  • Number of building project phases: 4
  • Children’s additions/remodel
    completed: 2010
  • Lobby renovation completed: 2011
  • New student center completed: 2012
  • Remodeled sanctuary completed: 2013
  • 1250 sanctuary seats
  • 57,000 sf remodel
  • 25,250 sf addition
WS_Student Center_Ext_09.jpg

Project Background:

West Side Christian Church is committed to serving the young people who make up the next generation of their church, however, their former youth space didn’t lend itself to the kind of group teaching and worship they wanted to provide, nor was there the right kind of space for the youth to form small groups and build relationships. Aspen Group worked with West Side to assess the desires of the youth ministry leadership and create a dedicated space that communicates value and vision to their students.

WS_Student Auditorium_03.jpg

Project Results:

A main gathering room that contains a gaming area within the new two-story space better promotes group involvement, conversation, fun, and connection opportunities between the students. The edgy, urban feel keeps the space relevant for today’s youth and provides a good eclectic mix of new and old.

A key feature of both the youth center and recently constructed children’s space are the large glass exterior walls on the side of the building facing the highway. When people drive by, they will see a space filled with youth that demonstrates the value this church places on families. 

Since the opening of the center, youth involved in student ministries grew by nearly 50 percent. The building is enabling ministry in ways beyond anything West Side could have projected.

WS_Student Lobby_12.jpg

Additional Images

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WS_Student Lobby_04-min.jpg
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