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We want your church to be prepared for a new season of ministry.


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Leadership Questions for a New Season of Ministry

Relaunching your church within our COVID-19 reality will require vision and an ability to navigate long-term, strategic change while implementing short-term solutions for gathering together as a church. In this resource, we’ve created an expanded series of leadership questions for senior pastors and key ministry leaders.

Key Questions to Prepare for a New Season of Ministry
This resource leads your team through a series of questions that will enable you to reflect on what you’re learning during the COVID-19 crisis, and how you’ll prepare to return to your church building once the pandemic has subsided. It’s a chance to reimagine your church through the lenses of culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities.

Key Questions Assessment
Use this assessment with your team to drill down into what's working well, what's not working, and what's missing in your ministry's culture, leadership, ministry, and facility in light of the COVID-19 climate.

Relaunch Church is designed to help leaders prepare to return to their physical ministry space. You’ll find fresh insights and ideas for harnessing what you’re learning in this season of change.