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Marian Liautaud

By: Marian Liautaud on December 06, 2016

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The Number One Facility Priority for Multisites and Church Plants


What are the essential needs of a multisite or planting church when it comes to facilities? Researchers at Barna Group asked pastors and senior leaders to choose what is most important to invest in for their facility if they were to face budget constraints.

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Top Priorities for Multisite or Planting Churches

The findings, available in More Than Multisite, a joint CKN/Barna research project sponsored by Aspen Group and Fishhook, clearly reveals that children’s (and, to a lesser degree, youth) ministry areas are a top priority for all types of expanding churches.

Church plants most highly prioritize children’s ministry spaces, suggesting that many of these communities tend to attract and serve young families.


Multisite churches also count children’s ministry as their number-one priority, albeit by a slightly narrower margin.

Audio/visual capabilities and lighting are also an important investment. This is especially true for multisite churches, some of which rely on broadcasts or videos from related churches to deliver sermons or other community information. Four out of ten multisite churches overall prioritize these technical aspects, with slightly fewer church plants selecting this option.

More on More Than Multisite

To learn more about essential facility needs for expanding churches, you can download a free chapter of the facilities chapter.

The data contained in More Than Multisite originated through a research study conducted by Barna Group. The study was commissioned by Cornerstone Knowledge Network on behalf of Aspen Group and Fishhook. More than 220 pastors and senior church leaders participated in the quantitative field survey, and 31 pastors and executive pastors participated in one-on-one interviews for the qualitative portion of the study.

The complete More Than Multisite report can also be purchased in print and PDF form.


More Than Multisite:  Download Facilities Chapter Now


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