A collaborative team creating space for ministry


The culture at Aspen Group allows me to be my full self. There’s not a separate work Katharine and home Katharine, it’s just Katharine.

Katharine Rants

Interior Designer


Aspen Group has been a place where I have been able to genuinely connect my calling to serve the church with my desire to personally grow and provide Kingdom impact.

Matt Rodgers

Project Developer


At Aspen, we pursue candidates who are top tier within their industry and we want the absolute best for our clients. We care for and support employees while challenging them to grow and develop. I’m grateful for the opportunity to express my God-given talents at a company that values them!

Mike Foltynski

Vice President of Operations

When I joined the company it was going to be just for one project as I had my own business. But as the job went on I realized how much I enjoy what we do and have really bought into the vision. Our leaders are encouragers. We build the spaces, but I also think the folks on the construction field make space on the job to do ministry as well every time I treat the tradesmen with respect and encourage them. The church works to find the lost and spread the good news but in the field sometimes the lost find us.

Jim Stech

Field Superintendent


After 25 years of service I am still as excited about the mission as day #1! Aspen is a purpose-driven business that invites people to show up and do their very best work. I have been encouraged & empowered to grow my craft, creativity, and leadership in a collaborative environment. Some of my closes friends are clients and team members that work here at Aspen. I am always on the lookout for others to join our amazing team!

Greg Snider

Ministry Space Strategist


We have a wonderful team to work with from the moment we approach our clients through design and then the completion of each project. Aspen always goes the extra mile. The most rewarding part of our work is seeing people walk through a new space and watch their eyes and faces light up with excitement for the Lord's work the people who will be brought to Christ through it.

Bob Holland

Field Superintendent

Our Core Values

Love oneAnother

Treat employees, partners, and clients as we like to be treated.

Find theWin-Win

Develop shared goals, tirelessly seek the win for all involved.

Do what'sRight

Honor every commitment; live biblical values.


Seek innovative solutions, learn all we can, grow from our mistakes.


Demonstrate a spirit of mercy, grace, and generosity in every relationship.


We’re often looking for new team members, ready to bring their expertise, creativity, and passion to work each day.

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