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Aspen Group doesn’t just work with churches; we become a ministry partner. Trust and talent are vital for delivering a quality, ministry-focused project in a timely manner. Our team has the experience, insight, and competence to get your project right. Our experienced staff includes:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Project Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Estimators
  • B.I.M. Designers
  • Field Superintendents
  • Other design and construction professionals
  • Internal support staff



Project Development



Darrin Yount

Project Developer

Bob Gray

Project Developer

Pat Kase

Senior Project Developer

Greg Snider

Senior Project Developer

Jack Strong

Project Developer



Josh Gregoire

Church Relations Coordinator

Katie Robichaud

Church Relations Coordinator



Derek DeGroot

Director of Design and Integrated Services (Chicago)

Doug Franklin

Designer III

Rosie Mitchell

PROJECT Designer

Marcos Rodriguez

Architectural Project Manager



Dave Piersma

Director of Construction

Terry Brown

Senior Project Manager

Steve Cruze

Senior Project Manager

Ted Camphouse

Project Manager

Kent Barber

Project Manager

Dave Westfall

CPE, DBIA, Senior Estimator

Rick Meyer

CPE - Estimator

Tom Shields

General Superintendent

Ken Vander Laan

Field Construction Manager
Rob McLean

Rob McLean

Project Manager 

Bob Holland

Field Construction Manager

Ken Speelman

Field Construction Manager

Jennifer Davis

Senior Construction Administrator

Patty Leech

Construction Coordinator

Debra Biggs

Construction Admin

Aspen VIP

Joe LaPaglia

Joe LaPaglia

Executive Director, Aspen VIP

Dave Miech

Manager, Community Sportsplex and Event Center

Corporate Services 

Tom O'Shea


Becky Phillips

Human Resources Director 

Marian Liautaud

Director of Marketing 

Fran Sikirica


Tracy Pulchinski

Executive Assistant

Michelle Patierno

Office Manager

Leanne Ostrander

HR/Wellness Coordinator 

Elena Forsythe

Studio Administrative Coordinator  

Andrew Camphouse

IT Administrator

Mary Bellus

Senior Marketing Designer