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3 Things We’re Grateful For in 2014 Blog Feature
Brad Eisenmann

By: Brad Eisenmann on November 26, 2014

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3 Things We’re Grateful For in 2014

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Aspen Group has the privilege of partnering with churches throughout the Midwest to create church space that radically enhances ministry impact. Here are three things we’re grateful for as we near the end of 2014:

1. Participating in Making Space for Millennials with Barna Group.

As co-founders of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network, Aspen commissioned and contributed to this groundbreaking research project. David Kinnaman showcased the new report as the keynote speaker at our 2014 Alignment Conference, an event that was attended by approximately 250 leaders from churches throughout the Midwest. We’re grateful to have been part of the Barna/CKN project, and we pray this research will provide important learning as churches everywhere strive to bring young adults into the faith.

2. Our team is growing.

This year alone Aspen has added two new architects, a new project developer and project manager, and several new field construction managers to oversee the church projects we’ve undertaken. In the days to come, we’ll add their bios and pictures to our website, but for now, we’re grateful for the way God is growing Aspen with great people.

3. The completion of several church projects.

Aspen had the great privilege of designing and building several large churches in 2014, including First Baptist Church East and West in Geneva, IL, and most recently, Community Christian Church-Yellow Box in Naperville, IL. Construction is underway for Clear River Church in Lafayette, IN, Red Cedar Church in Rice Lake, WI, and Calvary Temple in Springfield, IL. We’re grateful for the growth so many churches are experiencing.

There are many more things we could add to this list. But let’s hear from you. What are some ways God is moving in and through your life and church?