5 Ways This Church Designed Their Space for Discipleship Blog Feature
Greg Snider

By: Greg Snider on August 02, 2021

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5 Ways This Church Designed Their Space for Discipleship

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Waypoint Church in St. Charles, Missouri, has a mission of "Worship. Love. Go." This thriving community of faith wanted to adapt their church building to create a cohesive, effective, and engaging ministry space that would allow their congregation to experience a deep and intimate connection with God and others.

We partnered with Waypoint on an addition and renovation aligning with these core values of relationships and missional living. Here are five ways we intentionally designed the space to foster discipleship:

1. Visual Clarity

A fresh and welcoming front entrance attracts the community to the church building. The illuminated signage and canopy creates clear entry points and provides visual clarity for those who enter.




The adjacent patio invites visitors to hang out, connect with each other, and enjoy the outdoors.



2. Wayfinding

Upon entry to the building, clear signage guides visitors and members to where they need to go, helping them to maneuver the space with confidence.





The intentional mix of flooring styles provides separation to the spaces and creates natural traffic patterns to guide people throughout the building.




Watch Our Team in Action at the Waypoint Walkthrough:


3. Connection Zones

The lobby and café feature strategic connection zones, so people can have a quick 5-minute conversation, or relax and stay awhile. These crucial areas encourage the congregation to go deeper in relationship with others. The café features abundant counter seating, community tables, as well as various comfortable seating options.





The oversized garage doors provide visibility and entry to the spacious patio.




“The process of working with Aspen was very smooth. They had a very clean process for Design Discovery, which helped us figure out what were the highest priorities for us.” –Scott Chamberlain, Technical Systems Manager, Waypoint Church

4. Safe, Secure Children's Spaces

Waypoint values children and families and loves to point kids to Jesus, giving them a safe and secure space to establish their faith. This new space features consistent theming and a secure drop-off and pick-up point for families.






5. Action Center

Emphasizing the "Go" part of their mission, Waypoint has created a Next Steps zone, encouraging the congregation to seek out ministry opportunities, get involved, and take the next step in their faith.




With this strategic renovation, Waypoint Church is now positioned to provide an engaging atmosphere for their congregation to worship, love, and go. This space for fellowship and authentic community, supports the discipleship journey, with the ultimate goal of pursuing Christ together now, and in the future.

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