Alignment Conference is back in Chicago! Blog Feature

By: Aspen Group on August 10, 2011

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Alignment Conference is back in Chicago!

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Aspen Group and the Cornerstone Knowledge Network are excited to announce the upcoming Alignment Conference in Chicago on October 27th, 2011!

Whether you are in the planning stages of a building project, considering a project, or just want to lay a solid foundation for future growth, you are sure to benefit from the knowledge and practical information shared at this powerful one-day conference.

Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN) is a select group of church-focused firms developing innovative building and leadership solutions for your ministry challenges. The Cornerstone Conferences are a big part of the CKN mission: to discover and disseminate meaningful knowledge that radically improves how church facilities impact ministry.

Please join us on October 27th as we dive into why the alignment of culture, ministry, leadership, and facilities is vital to your church.