Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Ed Bahler Blog Feature

By: Ed Bahler on March 10, 2010

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Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Ed Bahler

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1,500 pastors resign from their position every month due to ill-advised growth, moral failure, or contention within their church.

Why is it that some churches grow too fast, while others are stuck in place, some teams work together with remarkable synchrony, and other teams struggle?

It seems that God would want every church to be healthy, growing, alive and transforming communities. But what is it that truly frees the Spirit to work powerfully in a church and allows Him to change lives?

The Aspen Group team and their CKN partners have learned from working with hundreds of churches that the alignment of culture, ministry, leadership, and facilities creates a clear and compelling environment within a congregation. It’s this kind of environment that frees the Spirit to accomplish remarkable things.

The first session at the upcoming Alignment4 Conference will set the stage for the entire day as we explore three keys of alignment together:

  1. The alignment of ministry with culture
  2. The alignment of leadership with ministry
  3. The alignment of facilities with each of the three areas of ministry, culture, and leadership

Bill Couchenour, President of Cogun, and I will dive into these three key points of alignment and highlight how each speaker throughout the rest of the day will offer critical insight in these areas.

This is a topic so vital to your church that you can’t afford to miss it! Be there with us on March 16th in Indianapolis and discover how to fully free the spirit to transform your ministry.

Join Ed at ALIGNMENT4 and find out for yourself just how important it is to align ministry, culture, leadership and facilities.

If you would like more information about the upcoming ALIGNMENT4 conference or to register, simply visit or call 888-595-7360.