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Is Your Church Ready to Move into Phase 2 of a COVID-19 Response Plan?

Aspen Group Expands Southeast Presence with Launch of Florida Studio

Making Space for Millennials Executive Summary

Making Space for Millennials Executive Summary

Discover the impact Millennials' values, allegiances, and assumptions will have on your church.

The Great Collaboration: The Missing Piece in Church Expansion

How to Design Your Church with Safety in Mind

3 Myths About Church Facilities that May Be Keeping You from Multiplying

How to Avoid Losing Your Pastor After a Church Building Project

Equipping Church Planters: Why Aspen Partners With NewThing

Strategies for Community Impact: How 3 Pastors and Their Churches Are Making a Difference

How to Prevent a Shooting and Other Security Risks at Your Church

4 Tips for Designing Children's Ministry Space

Top 5 Church Building Topics in 2019

Building a Church Home for Christmas

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Church Building Partner

How to Hang Your Church Christmas Decorations With Care

Giving Thanks for All Things

5 Truths for Building Generous Givers in Your Church

Should Your Church Build a Gym?

How to Create Intimacy in an 1,100-Seat Auditorium

5 Steps for Building New Leaders in Your Church

How Many Parking Spots Does Your Church Need?

If Your Church Were Gone, Would Anyone Notice?

3 Reasons Why Your Church May Be Ready for a Makeover

When Your Community Changes: How One Rural Church Renovated in Response to Development

When a Hurricane Is Heading Your Church’s Way

Church Mergers: The Unintended Consequence of the Multisite Movement

Building a Special Needs Ministry at Church

Rest for the Weary: 4 Ways Your Church Can Be a Place of Respite

How Better Sightlines from the Pastor to the People Makes for Better Preaching

When Your Church Is Portable: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ministry Space

Design Challenge: How to Improve Traffic Flow and Security in Kids’ Ministry Space

What to Do If Your Church Is Becoming a Museum

Should My Church Merge? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

The 5 Steps of Leadership Development

Thinking of a Church Building Project? Ask These 3 Key Questions First

4 Keys to Building a Dad-Friendly Church

When Your Church Is in the Path of a Deadly Storm

How to Build Your Church for Community Impact

How to Create a Healthy Church Culture

10 Red Flags Your Church Communications May Need Help

4 Ways to Make Space for Moms at Church

What Notre Dame’s Fire Reveals About Our Love for Church Buildings

Making Space for Easter's Impact

How to Create Safe, Secure Children’s Ministry Space

3 Ways Churches Can Attract Top Talent

How to Lead Leaders: 13 Core Principles for Managing Players (and Pastors)

Welcoming Easter Guests

Celebrating 5 Types of Givers in Your Church: How to Inspire Transformational Generosity, Part 2

Ham or Eggs?: How to Inspire Transformational Generosity, Part 1

Building a Church In and For The Community

5 Tips for Launching New Churches

How to Make Your Church Relevant Within Your Local Community

8 Key Leadership Tasks for Navigating Change at Church

Will the New Tax Changes Affect Giving at Your Church?

4 Things Millennials Wish the Church Would Be

10 Really Big Questions About Future Church Attendance (and Some Hunches)

Our Top 5 Reads for Leaders Who Want to Maximize Their Ministry Impact

Making Space for God with Us

4 Tips for Increasing Your Church’s Community Impact

A Formula for Navigating Change at Church

Giving Thanks for God’s Goodness

How to Rapidly Reproduce the Church

Thank You to Our Alignment Partners!

Pastors: If You Want to Build Momentum, Stop Flying Solo

Building a Story at Community Christian Church–Yellow Box

Discover Your Church’s Growth Engines and Barriers

Is Your Church Really Impacting Your Community?

Is Your Church Bringing Kingdom Culture to Your Community?

How We Fill Our Leader Pipeline

How 3 Multisite Churches Are Building for Community Impact

Why Beautiful Church Design May Be the Best Way to Serve Your Community

Building for Community Impact: Community Christian Church Plainfield

Is It Time to Launch Your Next Church?

Reaching Out and Building Up for Future Generations: Orland Park Christian Reformed Church

10 Ways to Maximize Your Church Lobby

6 Ways to Create a Dad-Friendly Environment at Your Church

The Power of “Proxemics”: Creating 4 Zones for Connection at Church

6 Coaching Questions to Develop New Leaders in Your Church

3 Purposeful Ways Churches Can Make Room for Millennials

Church Design Through a Mother's Eyes

Keys to Successful Church Restarts, Part 2

Keys to Successful Church Restarts, Part 1

3 Keys for Discovering Your Church's DNA

Easter Blessings from Aspen Group

Pastors: 15 Ways to Convert Easter Visitors Into Return Attendees

Conquering the Challenges of the 21st Century Church

How to Communicate the Launch of a New Church, Part 2

How to Communicate the Launch of a New Church, Part 1

Multiplying Impact with a Building Addition: West Bridge Church

4 Keys to Site Selection for Multisite Churches

Could Your Next Multisite Campus Be Online?

Millennials Need a Bigger God, Not a Hipper Pastor

Building Better Churches AND Better Careers

Mentoring New Leaders Like Jesus

5 Storage Tips for Churches

Merry Christmas from Aspen Group

Best of Aspen 2017 Resources

How to Empower Leaders at Church

How to Cool the “Thermostat Wars” at Church

Best Practices for the Church Multisite Model

Protecting Your Church From Fire

Thank You to Our 2017 Alignment Conference Partners

Grateful to Be Creating Space for Ministry Impact

10 Trends of the Multisite Church Movement

The No. 1 Challenge for Every Pastor

“God’s Got This”: The Testimony of Thrive Christian Church

Launching Your Next Church: A Recap of Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference

5 Things Every Church Needs to Know About Signage

How to Think Strategically (and Spiritually) About Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast with Thrive Christian Church

Why You Need a Church Communications Team

How to Respond to Your Church Planting Call: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Patrick O'Connell

3 Key Reasons Why Churches Launch New Sites

A Message From Mark Jobe, Alignment Conference Main Session Speaker

Taking New Ground for the Kingdom: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Dave Travis

Creating a Leadership Path for Ministry Growth

Is Your Church Ready for Multisite?: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Jim Tomberlin

Taking Flight: A Podcast Interview for Church Planters with Mark Jobe

Responding to Your Vision of Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast

7 Trends in Church Audio, Video, and Lighting

3 Ways to Spot a Great Leader

Out of Your Cave, and Into Your Call

The Orchard Evangelical Free Church: A Remodel that Bears Fruit

4 Reasons Why Multisite is Moving Rural

3 Ways to "Honor Our Fathers" at Church

Christ The Rock Community Church: Rediscovering Community

Addressing Top Communications Challenges for Multisite Churches

Pastors: How to Fill Your Ministry Pipeline with New Leaders

Announcing Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference: Launching Your Next Church

4 Trends in Church Architecture and Interiors

5 Models for Church Expansion

Fueling Church Growth with Strategic Renovations

4 Keys for Building a Church to Grow

A Model for Creating a Pipeline of Leaders

Building a Big Story in a Small Space

Design Ideas to Future-Proof Your Church (VIDEO)

Tips and Tools for Launching Multisites and More

5 Church Design Trends for 2017

How a Church Building Renovation "Mini-Win" Can Help Build Momentum

Beyond Multisite: What Pastors Need to Know About Church Expansion

5 Key Findings for Pastors from New Multisite Study

How to Reach Your Great Commission Potential

Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Merry Christmas From Aspen Group

Writing the Next Chapter of Your Church Design Story (VIDEO)

The Number One Facility Priority for Multisites and Church Plants

A Hearty Thank You to Our Alignment Conference Partners

Groundbreaking Gratitude and More

5 Ways to Reduce Utility Costs at Church

Why You Need Both a Leadership Path and a Leadership Pipeline

Ministry Space for the Common Good

What Businesses Can Teach the Church About Staying Culturally Relevant

Multisites and More: A Recap of Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference

6 Key Tasks for Campus Pastors to Build, Nurture, and Lead Congregations

4 Keys to Helping Your Church Fuel a Multisite Strategy

3 Key Areas of Church Operations That Must Be in Alignment

The Multisite Movement at a Crossroads

The Number One Way to Make Communications a Priority at Your Church

Why the Connection Card Isn’t Working at Your Church

5 Steps for Leading Healthy Change at Your Church

The One Space Churches Won’t Invest in That Could Reap Big Rewards

4 Keys to Eliminating Ministry Burnout

Breakout Sessions Announced for Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference

Barna Group to Reveal New Research at Aspen's 2016 Alignment Conference

How to Engage People in Your Church's Story

How One Church Converted Old Square Footage into New Ministry Impact

Making Space for Millennials Executive Summary—A New Tool for Church Leadership Teams

How Data Drives Aspen Group's Church Design

Top 4 Communication Challenges for Multisites

Millennial Trends: Learning to Live in Digital Babylon

On this Memorial Day...

When Is It Time to Renovate Your Original Campus After Going Multisite?

Announcing Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference: The Multiplication Movement

How Well Have You Equipped Your Church Messengers?

Generational Intelligence for Growing Churches

3 Churches That Use Their Building for the Common Good

5 Critical Outcomes for Pastors that Learn the Power of Self-Discovery

Happy Easter From Aspen Group

Creating New Space That Stays True to the Original Mission: Clear River Church

New Video Series: Millennial Trends and the Church

Making Space for Special Needs Ministry

Multiplication, Millennials, and Multigenerational Ministries: An Interview with Ed Stetzer

CKN Celebrates 12 Years of Church Research

5 Tensions in Becoming a Movement-Making Church

How to Unite Multiple Generations at Church

A Significant Setting for Our Savior

Building a Story at St. Timothy Community Church

Creating Space for Ministry Impact: The "Why" That Drives Us

7 Tips for Launching a Special Needs Ministry at Church

5 Quick Tips for Decking the Halls at Church

How Well Do You Know the Spiritual Profile of Your City?

Why Storytelling Matters for Churches

To Build a Generosity Story, Start with Why

Details Matter—In Stories and in Design

How to Discover the Truth About Your Church

Enhance Your Stories With These Three Technologies

Is the Church You’re in Today Built to Reach People in the Future?

Building a Story Trailer

The Power of Storytelling Through Music

How to Consistently Tell Your Church's Story

A Better Way to Understand Generational Differences

Why 20s Will Leave Church Before They Ever Get to the Auditorium

7 Ways to Change the Story About Giving to Your Church

Aspen's Growing in the Southeast

Honoring Cogun for Creating ‘Life Change Per Square Foot’ for 45 Years

Building a Multigenerational Ministry: 2015 Pastors Lunch Recap

Aspen Learning Summit: Reaching the Elusive Millennial Generation

In the Shadow of the Cross

Adaptive Reuse: What Is It and Why Should You Consider It?

Three Keynotes Featured at Aspen’s 2015 Alignment Conference

4 Ways to Break Down Generational Walls

Creating Quiet Spaces for Introverts in Church

Children's Ministry Space: 4 Ways to Create More than a Flashy Theme

Why the Church Should Reclaim Sacred Space

Aspen Group’s 2015 Alignment Conference to Focus on Building a Story

How to Get Your Generations Talking

5 Tips for Engaging Millennials in a Church Building Project

What Millennials Want: Is Rachel Held Evans Right?

How to Nurture Your Mothers on Sunday

3 Ways Your Church Design Can Engage All Generations

Creating Spaces To Bring Generations Together

Turning Church Technology From Foe to Friend

What Would You Give to Help Someone Find a Way Back to God?

What’s Your Church’s Generational IQ?

Death to Life: Three Words That Changed Everything

What the Church Can Learn from Buffalo Wild Wings

Five Steps to Color Your Space for Rest

How to Create Buy-in for a Church Building Project

5 Tips In Designing to Multiply with Millennials in Mind

3 Questions to Ask About Your Church’s Roadside Signage

Aspen Awarded “Best Christian Workplace” Designation

3 Options for Managing Snow Removal Expenses at Church

To Stream or Not to Stream Your Church Service

Does Your Church Have a Goal and a Means?

Does Seating Have an Effect on a Church Culture?

A New Way to Think About Your Old Church Spaces

7 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Church’s Cleaning and Maintenance

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2014

Celebrating Christmas

From Outdated to Updated: A Tale of Two Churches

From Outdated to Updated in 3 Easy Steps

3 Things We’re Grateful For in 2014

Is Your Church Making Space for Mentors?

The One Thing Your Church Can Offer That the World Can’t

How a Lack of ‘Visual Clarity’ May Be Driving People Away from Your Church

Top 20 Takeaways from the 2014 Alignment Conference

What Does It Mean for a Church to Be ‘Real'?

7 Patterns Churches Need to Change to Increase Millennial Generosity

Millennials and Jesus: A Game-Changing Moment in the Church

How to Tap Outside Resources to Stretch Ministry Dollars

How to “Man-up” Your Ministry Space

Missing Men at Church: Why You Might Be Pushing Them Away

Enemies of Connecting Spaces at Church

Sit, Stay: 3 Ways to Get People to Hang Out at Church

Choosing Authenticity

5 Surprising Ways a Cleaning Company Can Save Your Church Time and Money

Tour Aspen Group’s Latest Building Project: CCC Yellow Box

4 Key Strategies to Help Millennials Find Their Way Back to God (and the Church)

Ready, Aim Fire: 3 Questions to Ask Before Pulling the Trigger on a Building Project

How Millennials Encounter God

How We Talk When We Talk About God

What Apple Can Teach the Church About Authenticity

How Alignment Leads to Healthy Growth

5 Ways to Ready Your Church for Fall

3 Ways to Better Communicate Your Church’s Vision

5 Factors that Create a Dad-Friendly First Impression of Your Church

Taking the Sting out of Spring

Why Millennials are Looking for Church To Be a Place of Rest

4 Principles for Selecting Your Next Church Site

6 Things to Consider Before Building a “Green” Church

He Is Risen, Indeed!

Don’t Build the Church You Think You Want

Your Holy Week Punch List

6 Clues Your Church May Need a New Vision

Is Your Church Ready to Go Multisite?

Uncover Your Church’s DNA

The Right Way to Look at Square Footage

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Protecting Your Church From Extreme Cold Weather Damage

5 Exterior Signage Considerations

7 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Church

Next Generation Generosity

Hamilton Hills Baptist Church Addition

Faith Lutheran Church

Good Shepherd Lutheran

LaGrange Christian Assembly

Does Your Church Feel Like a Members-Only Club?

Sharing Your Church’s Building Project Online

Removing Your Church's Snow - 5 Cost Saving Tips

Leveraging Your Church Building to Create Reactions

Managing Stormwater on Your Church Property

3 Ways to Stop Paying for Your Church Cleaning Products & Equipment

Spin the Wheel of Emotion

The Service Must Go On

Make Room for Me: Alignment Conference Focuses on Millennials and Ministry Space

Could This Building Be Our Next Church?

Infographic: Why Some Millennials Are Staying in the Church

Make Room for Millennials

3 Ideas to Find a Lost Generation

Next Generation Giving

Barna Group Unveiling All-New Research at the Alignment Conference

In Pain You Shall Bring Forth A Building

"I'm Lost Right Now"

What's the Fuss About Millennials?

It's Not About You

Meet Your Millennials

Does God Want To Do More?

Let Your Walls Speak

Designing for Experience

How Community Christian Church Uses Aspen VIP

What You Measure Improves...What You Celebrate Gets Repeated

Community Christian Church to Host Groundbreaking Party at Naperville Yellow Box Campus

Building a Bigger Box

An Investment in the Community

In God We Trust

Your Site Selection Cheat Sheet

What’s Your Building Saying About You?

Wrestling Needs & Budget

West Side Christian Church Construction Update

3 Things You Forgot About Your Building

Taking Steps Toward the Digital Age

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Designing for Millennials

Tearing Down the Walls

Swiss Army Knifing Through Design Challenges

5 Things to Consider About "House" Cleaning

Vale Construction Update

Checking Those Vital Signs

Rajasuri’s Redemptive Story (Part 2)

Rajasuri’s Redemptive Story (Part 1)

Let’s Get Intentional

Please Take Your Seats

Becoming a Force for the Kingdom

Taking Baby Steps for God (Part Two)

Taking Baby Steps for God (Part One)

Aspen Group Offers New Facility Services Designed to Further Support Church Ministries

What B-I-M Means to Y-O-U

Construction Update: Vale Church Bloomington, IL

Aircraft Carrier or The Love Boat?

Define Space From the Ground Up

Extending Your Reach

UNLEASHED! Finding Epic Adventure In Everyday Life

10 Multi-Site Church Myths (and Realities)

A Different Way of Thinking

Construction Update: Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, South Bend, IN

The Architect Behind Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church's "Legacy Project"

From Warehouse to Worship: Turning an Industrial Space into a Sanctuary

Picking Teams

Construction Update: Vale Church, Bloomington, IL

Church Exteriors, Do they matter?

Get Out of Your Own Way

What Christmas Means to Aspen Group

Photos of West Side Christian's New Student Center

Aspen Group Announces New Project Developer

Welcome Bob Gray – our new Project Developer!

5+50=Third Place

Is Your Gymnasium Serving Your Ministry?

I Quit! - A challenging take-away from Story Conf.

Alignment Conference: A Recap

My Top 4 Finds in Springfield, Illinois

Your Blog Here

It Takes a Team

Are You Creating Intentional Accidents?

Time to Straighten the Path

The Anti-Abundant Church

What Does Your Front Door Experience Communicate

Spatial Stewardship: Part Two

Spatial Stewardship: Part One

The Vineyard Church is in the News

Designing for Community: The Missional Home Base

Future Travelers….When Normal Isn’t Good Enough

Apostolic Christian Church of Indianapolis One Year Ministry Story

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

Attractional & Missional; A Swinging Pendulum

Celebrating the 2011 Solomon Awards

Naperville Church Receives National Award for Building Project, Designed and Built by Aspen Group

What is your platform?

Three Aspen Projects Nominated for 2011 Solomon Award

Alignment Captured Through A Different Lens

From Warehouse to God's House

Missional AND Attractional

It Takes More than Just Turning it On

4 Things To Consider When Aligning Vision & Leadership

ASPE Conference in Indy

Could your church library be a “sacred cow”

Global Leadership Summit 2011

Alignment Conference is back in Chicago!

10 Things to Consider Before a Church Merger

Are We Really Collaborating?

Construction Site = Ministry Site

Interested in Church Design?

Ditch Fear and Be Transparent

Naming (or Renaming) Your Church

Five things to think about before deciding on a floor covering

Reaching people where they are: the Internet

Creating Unique Construction Solutions

West Lafayette Apostolic - One Year Ministry Story

How Is Your Health?

Online Ministry 101 – Going beyond social media to reach the lost

Designing for Relationships

Alignment4 Cornerstone Conference Wrap-Up

Building A Church of Foam

People Still Want to Give

Leadership and Conflict

First Baptist Church of Geneva - Ministry Update

Edwin A. Bahler

Whose Back Are You Patting?

Key Banking Strategies for Funding your Ministry Project

New CKN Website

Crucial Conversations

Delivering Projects On Time and On Budget

Breaking the Silence on Fasting

10 Permitting Considerations For Your Site

Creating the Right Space

Go and Be

A Unique Learning Event for Church Leaders

Start with Assessment - The New & Improved TCIndex

Where is the church in the midst of an emergency or disaster?

Grace Fellowship Church One Year Ministry Update

The Phenomenon of Creativity

What Are Your Ministry Goals for 2011?

A Child is Born

Is Energy Efficiency for the Church a Part of Stewardship?

10 Issues that Can Create a Culture of Generosity in 2011

The Aspen name : A reflection of our mission

Designing a Church Lobby for Connection

Thankful For Something Bigger Than Us

Outreach in an E-World

Why Your Church Should Be On Facebook

10 Ministry Moments Worth Celebrating

Cultural Church - A report from "AND"

Award Winning Church Design - 2010 Solomon Award Winner

A Church Transformed

Pastor Appreciation Month

Who will Lead your Building Project?

10 Insights from Catalyst 10

National Church Administration Day - 10/21/10

Dedication - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Core Clarity Part 2 - A Case Study

Core Clarity Part 1 - What is Core Clarity?

History in the Making - Creatively Capturing the Process

Story First

The Collaborative Partnership of Building for Ministry

Transforming Church Index Survey

Chicago ALIGNMENT4 Conference - Oct 19

Another Great Leadership Summit!

Christ UMC - A Ministry Update

Setting the Standard with Interior Design

Repurposing Space - Smarter Church Design

Your Church is Not a Mr. Potato Head

The Five "P's" of Launching a Multi-Site Campus

Five Considerations for Your New Site

Trinity Baptist Church Celebrates One Year Anniversary of The Timothy Center

Looking Forward to the North American Christian Convention (NACC)

The Intersection: Where Generosity Flows

A Smarter Church Design Process

Partner Spotlight: Church Interiors

Visioning - The Foundational Step

Sparking the Flame

One Year Ministry Update from Greenwood Christian Church

Giving HOPE: A report from the Exponential Conference

Outlook Christian Church - One Year Later

Exponential 2010

A Design-Build Discussion - Part Two

A Design-Build Discussion - Part One

Rock Prairie Baptist -- One Year Later

Church Design: An Array of Choices

Alignment4 Wrap-up

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Ed Bahler

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Rex Miller

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Pastor Matt Giebler

What is your church all about, at the core?

What ministry opportunities are being missed...

Cornerstone Conference Sneak-Peak - "Create Connecting Space"

Fishhook Event - Multicultural Ministry

New Cornerstone Conference Website!

Leadership Gathering at Parkview Christian Church

Living Your Strengths

Church Planting??

Rex Miller to speak at Indy Pastors Lunch!

Alignment4 Indianapolis -- March 16th

Partner Spotlight - Julie Bullock, Generis Generosity Strategist

Merry Christmas Blessings!

First Find…Then Always Follow Your Passions

Aspen on Facebook and Twitter

As the workplace changes, how we design for it should change too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Church Communications – Too much. Too little. Too late.

Leadership Journal Webinar with Ed Bahler and Bill Couchenour

Parkview Christian Church postcard

Pastors Lunch - Too Much. Too Little. Too Late.

Aspen projects win two Solomon Awards!

Buffet line or Chef's Specialty?

Straight Talk from the Indy Pastors Lunch

Funding Church Building Projects in Today’s Banking Environment

The Heart of Aspen

2009 Catalyst “On Your Mark” Conference in Atlanta this week!

Take-Aways from Innovate '09

Let’s Keep It Clean …. Please!

Outlook Christian postcard

A Big Blue Monkey?

Alignment4 Conference Closes Strong

Dirt Moving in Naperville!

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Rick Thiemke

Subscribe to the Aspen Blog!

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Allen Walworth

Ed Bahler on WBGL!

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Kevin Ford

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Ed Bahler

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Bill Couchenour

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Mel McGowan

Alignment4 Speaker Spotlight: Will Mancini

Alignment4 Chicago -- September 15th

Impressed by Faith

Living Hope postcard

Aspen Open House a Great Success!

See us at NACC next week!

Parkview Children’s/Youth Remodel

Aspen Team Celebrates Completion of Living Hope Church!

Aspen Frankfort Office Open House

Another Successful Pastors Lunch!

Two New Church Facilities Dedicated in Indy

Parkview Update

Alignment4 Orlando a Wrap!

Sneeze into your sleeve?

Conquering Fear

The Power of a Positive No

Rock Prairie Baptist Dedication

Greenwood Christian Church -- 1300 seats coming up!


Faith Lutheran postcard

Cornerstone Alignment Conference

Cornerstone Alignment Conference just six days away

Aspen certified as a Best Christian Workplace!

Moving Day!

Register now for Indianapolis Cornerstone Alignment!

Building For Ministry website is live!

Will Mancini to speak at Indianapolis Cornerstone!

The Table Debuts at Aspen Dinner

Frankfort Office Move Part III

Cornerstone Alignment Conference

Clarity is the occupation of the effective leader

Altra Steel Recognized in Frankfort Office

New Aspen Website!

Unto Us!

Morning Star Mission

Parkview Admin under roof!


Frankfort Office Move Part II

CKN Partners Gather

Stick With The Dream!

Building For Ministry Newsletter

Hauntingly beautiful

Faith Lutheran -- Completed Project Photos

Great advice for Building Teams

Aspen projects win three Solomon Awards!

We're Moving!

Exciting Announcement!

Giver or Taker: How Does the Community View Your Church?

Come learn about Missional Church!

When Church Isn't Simple

Because God sees...

An Exciting Space Kids are Eager to Go To!

Aspen Team Celebrates Completion of Faith Lutheran in Aurora

Next up: Indianapolis Pastors Lunch

Draw People, Enhance Ministry, Change Lives...

Thanks to a Great Team!

10th Annual Cornerstone Conference in Chicago!

What Causes Typical Failures in a Building Program?

This is Sobering!

Parkview Lockport Grand Opening Sunday!

More Parking almost ready at Parkview!

One week to go!

Isn't Cornerstone just for large churches?


Thanks, Tim!


Living Hope Church under construction!

Why People Stay

Rock Prairie Web Cam

Hamilton Hills -- Completed Project Photos

It's time to register for the next Cornerstone Conference in Chicago!

Sneak Preview of the Moraine Postcard

Parkview Project Update

The "Outlook" is looking good!

In His Time and For His Glory

Diesel smoke in the air at Parkview!

Zero Inbox -- 3 months and counting!

Aspen is Hiring!

Breaking Ground at Rock Prairie Baptist

Great Quotes!

Hamilton Hills Baptist nearing completion!

Pastors Lunch a Great Success!

Parkview Lockport under construction!

St. John Lutheran project - in the news!

Kristin Ruther joins Aspen Group!

One week to go until the Pastors Lunch!

Cornerstone Conference set for 9/23/08 in Bolingbrook

Go ahead, make their day!

So, what does it really mean?

What if Steve Jobs designed your next ministry space?

Third Places: Now & Next

Making Room for Young and Old

Tim Harlow to speak at Cornerstone!

What Would Luther Do?

Quote of the Day 4/22/08

Team celebration at Moraine

It’s Springtime in Aurora!

We hit a nerve!

Unchurched research discussed on CKN podcast

Unchurched prefer cathedrals to contemporary church designs

I Love My Job!

Why An Aspen Blog?

Moraine Valley Church opens café!

Is your Inbox empty?

We Don't Need a Strategic Plan

What are you reading?

CKN Podcast on iTunes!