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The End of Coffee at Church?

3 Tips for Raising Church Building Project Funds During COVID

Making Space for Millennials Executive Summary

Making Space for Millennials Executive Summary

Discover the impact Millennials' values, allegiances, and assumptions will have on your church.

Shut Out by COVID: How to Find a New Church Fast

Church Merger: 3 Churches Become One in a Converted Grocery Store

10 Principles to Recalibrate Church

How to Build Momentum at Your Church Now

Quick Solutions for Top Church Facility Challenges

3 Steps for Adapting—and Thriving—as COVID Continues

5 Tips for Relaunching Outreach Ministries

5 Keys for Leading Change in Your Church

4 Tips for Maximizing Online Worship During COVID

3 Church Facility Problems COVID-19 Caused (and a Way to Solve Them)

Pastors: Why You Need Your KidMin Leaders’ Input Before You Relaunch Church

Creating Space for Connection in the COVID-19 Era

What Pastors Need to Navigate COVID-19 at Church

How to Use Your Church Parking Lot for 7-Day-a-Week Ministry

Questions to Ask Before You Relaunch 4 Key Ministries in Your Church

How to Facilitate a “Relaunch Church” Meeting with Your Leadership Team

4 Ways Churches Are Responding to the Reopening Challenge

What the Church Can Learn from Amazon, Disney, and J.Crew During COVID-19

How to Transform Your Church Parking Lot for Outdoor Gatherings

6 Traits I See in Churches that Are Thriving in the Midst of COVID-19

Short-Term Solutions vs Long-Term Strategies to Relaunch Your Church

How to Design Spaces that Serve as a Respite for the Community

10 Reasons Why Pastors Should Be Engaging Financial Leaders in Their Church During COVID-19

6 Ways to Adapt Indoor and Outdoor Spaces for Individual Prayer and Reflection

Do You Know If Your Congregation Is Ready to Return to Church?

4 Ways to Reimagine Large Gathering Spaces for Smaller-Sized Groups

How to Adapt Your Church Facility for Phased-In Gathering Sizes

Relaunching Church in a New Reality—A Barna Virtual Workshop

Weathering the Financial Effects of COVID-19 on Your Church Budget

How to Handle Online Offerings at Church: Best Practices from Stewardship Specialists

From the Big Room to the Small Screen

Curated Content for Navigating Ministry Changes

Relaunching Church in a Post-COVID Culture

Preparing Leaders to Relaunch Church

‘Easter’s Not Canceled’: How Churches Will Celebrate in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis

Is Your Church Ready to Move into Phase 2 of a COVID-19 Response Plan?

Aspen Group Expands Southeast Presence with Launch of Florida Studio

The Great Collaboration: The Missing Piece in Church Expansion

How to Design Your Church with Safety in Mind

3 Myths About Church Facilities that May Be Keeping You from Multiplying

How to Avoid Losing Your Pastor After a Church Building Project

Equipping Church Planters: Why Aspen Partners With NewThing

Strategies for Community Impact: How 3 Pastors and Their Churches Are Making a Difference

How to Prevent a Shooting and Other Security Risks at Your Church

4 Tips for Designing Children's Ministry Space

Top 5 Church Building Topics in 2019

Building a Church Home for Christmas

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Church Building Partner

How to Hang Your Church Christmas Decorations With Care

Giving Thanks for All Things

5 Truths for Building Generous Givers in Your Church

Should Your Church Build a Gym?

How to Create Intimacy in an 1,100-Seat Auditorium

5 Steps for Building New Leaders in Your Church

How Many Parking Spots Does Your Church Need?

If Your Church Were Gone, Would Anyone Notice?

3 Reasons Why Your Church May Be Ready for a Makeover

When Your Community Changes: How One Rural Church Renovated in Response to Development

When a Hurricane Is Heading Your Church’s Way

Church Mergers: The Unintended Consequence of the Multisite Movement

Building a Special Needs Ministry at Church

Rest for the Weary: 4 Ways Your Church Can Be a Place of Respite

How Better Sightlines from the Pastor to the People Makes for Better Preaching

When Your Church Is Portable: 5 Ways to Create Effective Ministry Space

Design Challenge: How to Improve Traffic Flow and Security in Kids’ Ministry Space

What to Do If Your Church Is Becoming a Museum

Should My Church Merge? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

The 5 Steps of Leadership Development

Thinking of a Church Building Project? Ask These 3 Key Questions First

4 Keys to Building a Dad-Friendly Church

When Your Church Is in the Path of a Deadly Storm

How to Build Your Church for Community Impact

How to Create a Healthy Church Culture

10 Red Flags Your Church Communications May Need Help

4 Ways to Make Space for Moms at Church

What Notre Dame’s Fire Reveals About Our Love for Church Buildings

Making Space for Easter's Impact

How to Create Safe, Secure Children’s Ministry Space

3 Ways Churches Can Attract Top Talent

How to Lead Leaders: 13 Core Principles for Managing Players (and Pastors)

Celebrating 5 Types of Givers in Your Church: How to Inspire Transformational Generosity, Part 2

Ham or Eggs?: How to Inspire Transformational Generosity, Part 1

Building a Church In and For The Community

5 Tips for Launching New Churches

How to Make Your Church Relevant Within Your Local Community

8 Key Leadership Tasks for Navigating Change at Church

Will the New Tax Changes Affect Giving at Your Church?

4 Things Millennials Wish the Church Would Be

10 Really Big Questions About Future Church Attendance (and Some Hunches)

Our Top 5 Reads for Leaders Who Want to Maximize Their Ministry Impact

Making Space for God with Us

4 Tips for Increasing Your Church’s Community Impact

A Formula for Navigating Change at Church

Giving Thanks for God’s Goodness

How to Rapidly Reproduce the Church

Thank You to Our Alignment Partners!

Pastors: If You Want to Build Momentum, Stop Flying Solo

Building a Story at Community Christian Church–Yellow Box

Discover Your Church’s Growth Engines and Barriers

Is Your Church Really Impacting Your Community?

Is Your Church Bringing Kingdom Culture to Your Community?

How We Fill Our Leader Pipeline

How 3 Multisite Churches Are Building for Community Impact

Why Beautiful Church Design May Be the Best Way to Serve Your Community

Building for Community Impact: Community Christian Church Plainfield

Is It Time to Launch Your Next Church?

Reaching Out and Building Up for Future Generations: Orland Park Christian Reformed Church

10 Ways to Maximize Your Church Lobby

6 Ways to Create a Dad-Friendly Environment at Your Church

The Power of “Proxemics”: Creating 4 Zones for Connection at Church

6 Coaching Questions to Develop New Leaders in Your Church

3 Purposeful Ways Churches Can Make Room for Millennials

Church Design Through a Mother's Eyes

Keys to Successful Church Restarts, Part 2

Keys to Successful Church Restarts, Part 1

3 Keys for Discovering Your Church's DNA

Easter Blessings from Aspen Group

Pastors: 15 Ways to Convert Easter Visitors Into Return Attendees

Conquering the Challenges of the 21st Century Church

How to Communicate the Launch of a New Church, Part 2

How to Communicate the Launch of a New Church, Part 1

Multiplying Impact with a Building Addition: West Bridge Church

4 Keys to Site Selection for Multisite Churches

Could Your Next Multisite Campus Be Online?

Millennials Need a Bigger God, Not a Hipper Pastor

Building Better Churches AND Better Careers

Mentoring New Leaders Like Jesus

5 Storage Tips for Churches

Merry Christmas from Aspen Group

Best of Aspen 2017 Resources

How to Empower Leaders at Church

How to Cool the “Thermostat Wars” at Church

Best Practices for the Church Multisite Model

Protecting Your Church From Fire

Thank You to Our 2017 Alignment Conference Partners

Grateful to Be Creating Space for Ministry Impact

10 Trends of the Multisite Church Movement

The No. 1 Challenge for Every Pastor

“God’s Got This”: The Testimony of Thrive Christian Church

Launching Your Next Church: A Recap of Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference

5 Things Every Church Needs to Know About Signage

How to Think Strategically (and Spiritually) About Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast with Thrive Christian Church

Why You Need a Church Communications Team

How to Respond to Your Church Planting Call: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Patrick O'Connell

3 Key Reasons Why Churches Launch New Sites

A Message From Mark Jobe, Alignment Conference Main Session Speaker

Taking New Ground for the Kingdom: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Dave Travis

Creating a Leadership Path for Ministry Growth

Is Your Church Ready for Multisite?: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Jim Tomberlin

Taking Flight: A Podcast Interview for Church Planters with Mark Jobe

Responding to Your Vision of Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast

7 Trends in Church Audio, Video, and Lighting

3 Ways to Spot a Great Leader

Out of Your Cave, and Into Your Call

The Orchard Evangelical Free Church: A Remodel that Bears Fruit

4 Reasons Why Multisite is Moving Rural

3 Ways to "Honor Our Fathers" at Church

Christ The Rock Community Church: Rediscovering Community

Addressing Top Communications Challenges for Multisite Churches

Pastors: How to Fill Your Ministry Pipeline with New Leaders

Announcing Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference: Launching Your Next Church

4 Trends in Church Architecture and Interiors

5 Models for Church Expansion

Fueling Church Growth with Strategic Renovations

4 Keys for Building a Church to Grow

A Model for Creating a Pipeline of Leaders

Building a Big Story in a Small Space

Design Ideas to Future-Proof Your Church (VIDEO)

Tips and Tools for Launching Multisites and More

5 Church Design Trends for 2017

How a Church Building Renovation "Mini-Win" Can Help Build Momentum

Beyond Multisite: What Pastors Need to Know About Church Expansion

5 Key Findings for Pastors from New Multisite Study

How to Reach Your Great Commission Potential

Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Merry Christmas From Aspen Group

Writing the Next Chapter of Your Church Design Story (VIDEO)

The Number One Facility Priority for Multisites and Church Plants

A Hearty Thank You to Our Alignment Conference Partners

Groundbreaking Gratitude and More

5 Ways to Reduce Utility Costs at Church

Why You Need Both a Leadership Path and a Leadership Pipeline

Ministry Space for the Common Good

What Businesses Can Teach the Church About Staying Culturally Relevant

Multisites and More: A Recap of Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference

6 Key Tasks for Campus Pastors to Build, Nurture, and Lead Congregations

4 Keys to Helping Your Church Fuel a Multisite Strategy

3 Key Areas of Church Operations That Must Be in Alignment

The Multisite Movement at a Crossroads

The Number One Way to Make Communications a Priority at Your Church

Why the Connection Card Isn’t Working at Your Church

5 Steps for Leading Healthy Change at Your Church

The One Space Churches Won’t Invest in That Could Reap Big Rewards

4 Keys to Eliminating Ministry Burnout

Breakout Sessions Announced for Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference

Barna Group to Reveal New Research at Aspen's 2016 Alignment Conference

How to Engage People in Your Church's Story

How One Church Converted Old Square Footage into New Ministry Impact