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Marian V. Liautaud

By: Marian V. Liautaud on May 18, 2017

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Announcing Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference: Launching Your Next Church

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“The idea of multisite churches began as a bandaid solution for megachurches that found themselves out of room,” says Jim Tomberlin, founder of MultiSite Solutions.



Now nearly three decades old, the multisite church model has proven it’s not a passing fad. But it’s changed a lot in that time, and its next phase will look nothing like its first.

Today’s multisite church includes hybrid variations of the traditional one-church-in-multiple-locations model, often incorporating planting as part of a church’s multiplication strategy. These new approaches call for new skill sets and structures to support rapid growth and change.

But where do you go for answers to the hard questions that surface in the midst of church expansion? And how do you think strategically about multisite and multiplying churches when so many new models are emerging?

Aspen Group will tackle these and many other strategic and tactical questions about church expansion at this year’s 2017 Alignment Conference.

Find answers to the most challenging church expansion questions at Aspen Group's 2017 Alignment Conference.

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Scheduled for October 17, 2017 at Thrive Christian Church in Westfield, Indiana, Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference will bring together trusted experts and leading practitioners for a one-day, deep-dive into strategic planting, multisite, and other expansion models for churches.

The 2017 ALIGNMENT CONFERENCE is for senior pastors and executive pastors who are currently leading a multisite church or considering an expansion strategy, as well as elders and ministry leaders of churches exploring potential growth models. It’s for church leaders wrestling with the big questions about multiplying ministry impact.

Main session speakers

We’ll explore multiplication from many angles. On the main stage, Dave Travis of CEO of Leadership Network, will share a brief history of the multisite movement and the impact it’s had on church growth.

Jim Tomberlin will explore what’s ahead for multisites, including the role of church mergers in fueling new life and growth in churches.

Brooke Hempell, senior vice president of research for Barna Group, will present data from the Barna study, More Than Multisite, which explores today’s new models for expansion. This study was commissioned by CKN and sponsored by Aspen Group and Fishhook, the same group that brought you Making Space for Millennials.

Church leaders will gain insight into the various models churches are using for multiplication and what the implications of each are in terms of addressing challenges and opportunities related to culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities. Brooke will also help show the intersection and impact of multisites on Millennials.

Mark Jobe, lead pastor of New Life Churches in Chicago, will share his strategy on church mergers, and his vision for reclaiming sacred space in our cities.

He’ll also be part of a panel discussion with other influential pastors who will share their lessons learned on church expansion. You won’t want to miss this candid conversation about the challenges and opportunities some of today’s well-known pastors have encountered on the way to launching their next church.

Breakouts for Best Practices for Multisites and Church Plants

Along with a strong main stage line-up, Alignment attendees will be able to choose from a selection of breakout workshops on topics including:

  • Branding and communications across multiple campuses
  • Leadership issues for multisite and church plants
  • Financing and fundraising for multiple facilities
  • Designing multisite spaces to match your church’s DNA and ministries
  • Leveraging strengths of Millennials as a multiplying church
  • And more!

These small group sessions will provide practical take-aways and best practices to implement once you return home.

Register by May 31, 2017, and receive our lowest price—$59. Bring your whole leadership team and save even more!


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