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Craig Dobyns

Craig Dobyns, AIA, serves as a Project Architect in Aspen's Florida studio. Craig brings a wide range of experience designing different types of buildings, but he was especially drawn to Aspen’s unique focus on ministry space. Craig loves using his strengths and talents to help churches and schools maximize their facilities for ministry impact.

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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Church Ready for Easter

By: Craig Dobyns
March 01, 2021

A year ago, churches were struggling to process the reality that their building would be closed for Easter. This year, while we’re still pondering COVID-related questions, we see more churches shifting into phases of reopening. Will your church reopen in a more significant way this Easter season, or are you anticipating a larger crowd than you’re currently hosting for services? Either way, if your building is open, you’ll likely have people who are new to your church and some who have decided to return in-person during Easter. Now is an excellent time to assess your facility and consider how to create an environment that is safe, welcoming and puts guests at ease so they can focus on connecting with God and others.

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