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Dana Byers

Dana Byers is the Executive Pastor of Mercy Road Church in Carmel, Indiana, and a pioneer in the online church movement. She began as a Life.Church Online volunteer in 2006. In 2007, Dana and her young family sold nearly everything they owned to fund living overseas to launch BlueDoor Ministries, Inc. The first online church planters in history, the Byers family’s purpose was to help pastors launch online churches outside the U.S. in a variety of languages and to expand the reach of Life.Church Online. After moving back to the states, Dana wrote “The Art of Online Ministry” in 2011 and became the Associate Online Campus Pastor at Life.Church in 2012.

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Could Your Next Multisite Campus Be Online?

By: Dana Byers
January 31, 2018

When I talk with churches about how to launch an online campus, I always share my own story of how I became connected with Church Online. I married an Oklahoman, and we initially settled in his state. We moved into our first little house and lived across the street from this church with very loud music. When I was pregnant with our first child, I felt terribly sick one Sunday morning. We were part of a great local church, but in that church, I had to wear heels and a nice dress to service. I told my husband, "I cannot do that today. I just can't do it, I'm so sick." He said, "Well, I'll just walk across the street to that church where you can wear jeans."

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