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Evan McBroom

Evan McBroom sees all of life with God as a great adventure. He wants God’s best for every church and every church leader, believing they can only become their best when they are communicating effectively. Evan is the Founder of Fishhook, a creative services agency, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that focuses on helping churches and faith-based organizations grow their impact through improved communications. As a part of Evan’s latest adventure, he recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee and accepted the role of Creative Pastor at Connect Church in Lebanon, TN.

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Church Culture | Ministry

How to Make Your Church Relevant Within Your Local Community

By: Evan McBroom
February 05, 2019

What is context in your community? What surrounds your church? Are you in the inner city? Are you in an affluent suburb? Do you have major employers that have moved to town or have moved from town? Is there a big plant closing? What are your demographics? Are you in Jerusalem or Judea or Samaria, or are you the end of the earth? Your context is what surrounds you. It is your culture.

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