Before and After—How Fresh Design Brings a More Inviting Environment to a Traditional Church Facility Blog Feature
Andrea Burks

By: Andrea Burks on June 16, 2021

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Before and After—How Fresh Design Brings a More Inviting Environment to a Traditional Church Facility

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Unwelcoming. Dark. Not enough space for ministry. That certainly does not describe First Baptist Church of Greensburg's traditional church facility anymore! This church, located in Greensburg, Indiana, was determined to establish a more welcoming posture to the community, expand connection space to foster deeper relationships and allow for future growth, and create flexible spaces that can be used for several ministries throughout the week.

See the Completed Space:


New welcoming entrance addition with wheelchair access via a heated outdoor ramp:





Updated lighting in the sanctuary provides a fresh look while maintaining the traditional style of the current sanctuary aesthetics:




"I think one of the things the renovation is going to help us do is, once a person comes here, I think it's going to help us click a little faster with some people, especially if we're aiming at families as we are.” –Cliff Bunch, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church


Expanded lobby space and clear directional signage to enhance a guest’s experience and create a better first impression of a family-friendly facility with clear identity and direction:





Central nursery core relocated to a more convenient location to emphasize the church’s family-focused ministries:




Repurposed fellowship hall to create multi-purpose ministry spaces:



Other Renovation Wins:

      • Simple addition of double doors in the kids ministry area to create a secure children’s environment.
      • New Library Corner added to lobby connecting space.
      • Relocated offices that provides a more efficient administration solution and designated entrance.
      • Minor cosmetic updates in the gym, including acoustical panels to help with sound for potential future worship overflow.

Read more about First Baptist Church's amazing addition and renovation here.


About Andrea Burks

Andrea joined Aspen Group as an Architectural Designer in 2018 with experience in both commercial and residential design. She enjoys partnering with churches to create warm and inviting spaces where people can connect and go deeper in their faith. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and a robust game night.