Core Clarity Part 1 - What is Core Clarity? Blog Feature

By: Rex Miller on September 23, 2010

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Core Clarity Part 1 - What is Core Clarity?

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Jim Collins, the author of the best-selling book Good to Great, states that the first two priorities of leadership are to make sure you have the right people on the bus and that they are in the right seats.

Few church leaders, however, have been trained to use an evidenced based approach along with spiritual discernment to reach this goal. The results of not having the right people on the bus OR in the right seat are revealed in Gallup’s annual survey. Only 17% of employees fit both categories—the right people in the right seats.  They are fully engaged and are 10 times more productive than the next category. 54% are the right people on the bus but not in the right seat - so they are unengaged. The last 29% need to find a new bus. They are a drain on the organization and are simply disengaged.

Organizations can survive for a long time with this mix until they hit a crisis or have reached a new growth plateau demanding higher performance from everyone. We have seen more and more of that crisis mode as the church is challenged with shrinking budgets, less staff and increased ministry demands.  It is usually at one of these two crossroads that a church seeks outside help.  TAG, a consulting group with a focus on ministry, works with church leaders to assess, discern and resolve strategic leadership issues.

First, a talent mix assessment is taken of the team. This is different than traditional personality, four-quadrant profiles or gifting tests. The research behind the talent mix identifies performance capabilities that are “hard-wired” and provide a blueprint for an individual and a team’s success. It not only looks at each individual, but it assesses each individual’s talent-mix and how that meshes with the entire team.  The “deep dig” is looking at the total of the team and how they communicate, collaborate and work together.

Stay tuned for Core Clarity Part 2 - a case study showing how this works.