Does God Want To Do More? Blog Feature

By: Ed Bahler on August 14, 2013

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Does God Want To Do More?

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Day after day we come in contact with pastors, church leaders, and everyday Christ-followers who have this gnawing sense that God wants to do something more, something different, something amazing. And, there's a stirring in the church in America, a growing unease that something's not quite right.

For more than three years, Aspen Group has been involved with an initiative called Future Travelers. This ministry was born out of a meeting of several multisite, megachurch pastors who wondered if they should be looking for the next rung on the ladder or for an entirely new wall.

That first gathering didn't have a specific agenda or projected outcome, but each of the founding participants had the sense that something wasn't quite right about the way they were doing church. Each was wrestling with this gnawing sense that God wants to do more. Although their churches would be considered extremely successful by the usual standards, something was amiss in their ability to make disciples.

What we're learning through Future Travelers has application for every church, not just megachurches. It's about learning to:

    • Create disciples who in turn become disciplemakers
    • Fully embracing the priesthood of believers to bring the full weight of the church to bear on our world.
    • Developing a strong sense of belonging through missional communities.
    • Renewing our focus on the living Jesus.
    • Holding tightly to the precepts of Scripture while holding loosely to the cultural aspects of church.

We sense a stirring among Christians that there's got to be more to church, and together, we're trying to understand how to tap into this holy discontent for the glory of God.

What do you think? Are you seeing the same things? Share your thoughts below.