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Josh Gregoire

By: Josh Gregoire on January 24, 2014

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Faith Lutheran Church

$1.2 million dollars was the difference between what Faith Lutheran Church could afford and the estimated cost of the building designed by a local architect. The church contacted Aspen Group to help value engineer the plans to get the project back on budget.

Understanding the connection between ministry effectiveness and facilities, Aspen Group stepped back to evaluate the needs of the church before diving into an extensive review of the existing plans. After meeting with ministry leaders, Aspen discovered that even if the original design could be adjusted to meet the church’s budget, it would never meet their ministry needs.

“The greatest benefit of Feasibility,” Pastor Rob Douglas said, “was to make sure the building was designed to meet the ministry of Faith Lutheran Church. I really appreciated seeing our children’s ministry director face-to-face with the Aspen Group architect and project developer. It was the direct, hands-on approach that made a difference in the outcome of our facility.”

Faith Lutheran Church is a melding of two congregations into one unified, but diverse group. As a result, despite their two distinct worship services, both were trying to utilize the traditional sanctuary. During Feasibility, the leadership was stretched to consider creating two worship venues – a 200-seat chapel for the traditional service and an expandable multipurpose auditorium for the growing contemporary service.

Additionally, fellowship is deep within the DNA of Faith Lutheran Church. To provide connection space, their new facility revolves around a centralized lobby with a “big family room” feel incorporating a fireplace and seating highlighted with a warm color palette.

By engaging the ministry leaders during the Feasibility process, Aspen Group was much better equipped to design a space that would excite the entire congregation, enhance their current and future ministries, and rally a diverse group of people around a common vision for the future of Faith Lutheran Church.


About Josh Gregoire

Josh Gregoire serves as Associate Director of Development at Aspen Group. Since he joined Aspen in 2004 he has had roles in design, construction, IT, marketing, project development, and currently, business development. He is often the first point of contact for churches who are considering a church facility renovation or new building project. His experiences at Aspen and in pastoral ministry have prepared him to come alongside church leaders and help them navigate the earliest conversations and stages of a facility project. Josh also serves as the Discipleship Pastor in his home church, providing vision and leadership for ministries such as Small Groups, First Impressions (hospitality), and Next Steps. He has also served as his denomination’s District Sunday School and Discipleship Ministry Chair, and he continues to provide coaching and training to leaders and volunteers in these areas as needed. He and his wife Missy are raising two kids.