First Find…Then Always Follow Your Passions Blog Feature

By: Ed Bahler on December 18, 2009

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First Find…Then Always Follow Your Passions

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I once read, “Happy is the man who discovers his passions (the deeper burning yes) and talents before it’s too late.” Paul shared with the Corinthians how God created us with a unique set of talents. Have we found ours?

Yes, we each have deep passions (that deeper burning yes) and a unique set of talents. And, Jesus shared that parable relating how we will be held accountable to multiply them. I often think of how that one fella carefully hid his one talent, failed to use it, and was treated sooo harshly!strengths finder book

Strengths Finders 2.0, a best selling resource, is a wonderful tool to discern what God wired each of us to uniquely do. You can use the password in the back of the book to go online and discern what passions God may have placed in your soul. It just may be the most freeing thing you do this month! For kicks, my top 5 passions are:

  1. Achiever – I’m driven to accomplish.
  2. Futuristic – I naturally envision what the coming months or years could, should, or will be like.
  3. Strategic – I venture beyond the commonplace, the familiar, or the obvious for ideas and solutions.
  4. Activator – I challenge others to take action.
  5. Learner – I’m driven to understand the “whys” and “hows” of any situation, problem, or opportunity.

Any surprise I enjoy blogging, engaging others in dialogs, and consulting with organizations to discover solutions for the future?

Last week I mentioned how author Jim Collins suggested we look for the overlap of three key attributes. Author Thom Rainer (“Simple Church” and “Breakout Churches”) puts it into a Christian context and suggests we look for the overlap to discover and pursue God’s “Compelling Call” for our life or our ministry:

So why this focus on “passions” and “giftedness”? Research shows excellent churches have pastors who stuck with it 20 years or more. Great accomplishments take years. And at the core of that effort must be a brokenness, consistent prayer, and a freeing of the spirit to work. Yet, if we are not working from our deep heart passions and giftedness we’ll struggle to sustain the effort. Great accomplishment is never easy. But when you align with your passions and gifts, the challenge is simpler.

Are you clear about your God inspired passions and calling? If so, I’d love to hear about them.