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Jenny Davis

By: Jenny Davis on May 12, 2021

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4 Ways to Keep Your Staff and Volunteers Safe on Church Construction Projects

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Many churches have construction, in some form or other, going on throughout the year. It might not be a full-on building project, but teams are often building sets for sermon series, VBS and youth events may call for lumber, paint and power tools, and of course, normal facility maintenance calls for safety protocols.

We recently celebrated Safety Week and offer these tips you can share with your staff and volunteers to keep them safe on the job, no matter how big or small.

1. Be Present and Focused



It can be challenging to truly be present at work. Distractions, long hours, health issues, family, stress, all plague our ability to be fully present in our work. Being present and focused is only possible through recognizing where our current focus and attention are, then taking the necessary steps to be more present in the moment in our work environment.


Learn about "Ministry in the Dust" at The Bridge Church in Bradenton, Florida:


2. Have a Healthy Mind and Body

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Being safe means paying attention to both mind and body. It extends beyond wearing hardhats and safety glasses. It means recognizing how important mental health really is to everyone’s overall safety. From suicide to distractions that lead to devastating accidents, it's important that we all recognize the importance of total well-being. When workers are physically and mentally safe everyone wins.

3. Be Relentless

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Preventing injuries means relentlessly paying attention to risk, and monitoring what is happening around you at all times. Executing the fundamentals is critically important. Full PPE 100% of the time, hand safety, power tool safety, and even housekeeping are key elements of total safety. Injuries happen in a flash, so never take safety for granted. Be relentless everyday by choosing to work safe—for yourself and the people that love you.

4. Be Safe and Well Rested



The construction industry often comes with early hours, long commutes and night shift work. This interruption with the Circadian Rhythm, your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle, can have major consequences on your physical and mental health. For some, it can lead to substance dependency and even depression. Exercise, what you eat, your nighttime routine, and your sleeping environment can make a difference on your sleep quality!




Our industry is embracing safety more than ever, most especially with the outbreak of COVID this year, and every worker in our industry deserves a big thank you. The efforts of all our workers are reducing risks and accidents on our projects. During Safety Week we discussed the importance of total well-being to being safe. Thank you to all the construction teams for listening as we explored ways to be present, be focused, and stay safe on the job and at home. Our workers are the essential ingredient to the success of our industry!

A special thank you to our Superintendents Tom Shields, Jim Stech, Ken Vander Laan, Ken Speelman, and Bob Holland for their continued work to keep our jobsites safe and productive!



About Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis is Project Accounting & Administration Manager at Aspen Group, and has been with the company for over a decade. She learned about Aspen after her church completed a building project and decided to apply for a position. Jenny’s favorite part about working at Aspen is sharing her ideas, developing a plan of action, and observing the positive changes that take place. Outside of the office Jenny loves spending time with her husband, Luke, and cooking and baking with their daughter Jolee.