Millennials and Jesus: A Game-Changing Moment in the Church Blog Feature

By: Ed Bahler on October 09, 2014

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Millennials and Jesus: A Game-Changing Moment in the Church

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Healthy growing churches of the future must learn to connect and engage with Millennials (today’s 18- to 30-year-olds), soon to be the biggest generation ever in America. Millennials have grown up in the age of Google. They have myriad options and opinions literally at their fingertips. And that information gives them power.

As leaders in our homes, churches, communities or businesses, we no longer have the power or control we once enjoyed. As a result, successful engagement with Millennials will be built on influence. Influence is built on trust. And trust is built by engaging around their concerns and bringing insight that equips them to navigate successfully.

Intimately understanding their concerns and equipping the church to speak into them must be at the heart of Millennial ministry. They desire conversation about spiritual matters. They believe the Jesus we know and trust may have answers for them. But they are overwhelmed, distracted, exhausted, and mistrusting. Millennials crave the mentorship of older, wiser adults.

As churches strive to engage the hearts of Millennials, we’re poised for a game-changing opportunity. Will we capture the imaginations of this country’s biggest generation—enflame their passion to be that city on a hill? Or will we miss the unique opportunities available to us to help today’s young adults find their way back to God? How we navigate making room for Millennials will determine how history is written.

But they won’t wait long for the church to step up and get it right. It’s this urgency that compelled Aspen Group as co-founders of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN) to invest deeply to better discern what concerns Millennials and help equip the church to address those concerns. In partnership with the Barna Group, we’re releasing a new report titled Making Space for Millennials. This report provides the full findings of our research with the Barna Group on Millennials and church architecture. (You can download a sample chapter of the report here.)

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group and the keynote speaker at this year’s Alignment Conference, along with our other conference presenters, will unpack what the findings mean for the church and how we can apply them. We’ll see many examples of how a church can use its physical space as? a tool to speak into Millennials’ concerns. From the exciting new training center to the inviting connecting spaces in the new lobbies at Community Christian Church where the conference will be held, we’ll see firsthand what it can look like to make space for Millennials.

We’re energized by what we’re learning about Millennials, and we’re excited to share it with the church. Register today for the 2014 Alignment Conference.