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Marian V. Liautaud

By: Marian V. Liautaud on February 02, 2017

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How a Church Building Renovation "Mini-Win" Can Help Build Momentum

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At Stones Crossing Church in Greenwood, Indiana, roughly 900 people attend weekend services each week at the site they purchased and built on in 2003. Over the years, the church has become known for strengthening marriages and families.

“Young parents want to know how to disciple their kids and invest in their marriage,” says Dave Whitehead, executive pastor at Stones Crossing. “We’re real, inviting, and welcoming.”

This welcoming culture has led to steady growth, especially among families, which is putting pressure on the church’s children’s ministry space.

“The church knew it was facing some difficult decisions because they were growing at a rapid pace, and the current spaces were not keeping up with the growth,” says Bob Gray, Aspen Group’s project developer for Stones Crossing.

The church debated whether to stay in this building, which was quickly becoming too small to accommodate their growth.

“We’ve decided to stay in our current building and potentially plant a church when we’ve outgrown this building,” says Whitehead. “Aspen Group helped us create a long-term plan, which will include kids' ministry expansion.”

Although the church is running out of space in their kids' area, they decided to tackle a sanctuary remodel first to create momentum within the congregation.

“The gym / sanctuary that they had worshipped in was quickly becoming a barrier to reaching the increasing crowd,” says Gray. “The church was having challenges in delivering the message well. Basically, the sanctuary was just not working well for the ministry.”

“We viewed the sanctuary remodel as a mini-win before we embarked on a larger-phased building project,” says Whitehead.

Tech Upgrades to Fuel Growth

For the sanctuary project, Aspen brought in LiveSpace, an audio/video/lighting company, to create a plan for integrating new sound, lighting, projectors, and an LED wall in the auditorium.

“We installed a line array from L’Acoustics, which is the same audio speaker manufacturer that is used by the likes of Adele, Zac Brown Band, Maroon 5 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers,” says Mike Mrozinski, a project development manager with LiveSpace.

The church chose to go with an audio console from Allen & Heath after having a positive experience with the manufacturer at a community service at a local theater.

“The most stunning piece of the install is a 12’ tall x 22’ wide LED wall that enables them to create scenes and backdrops digitally, instead of building bulky and complicated stage sets,” says Mrozinski.

Finally a performance theater grade lighting rig was installed with control for the Elation LED fixtures facilitated by a Jands Vista Lighting Console.

“Our mission and vision has sharpened on communicating the gospel and making disciples,” says Whitehead. “The tech upgrades will help us communicate the gospel more effectively. We believe this will result in changed lives.”

Modernizing the auditorium may have been a “mini-win” for momentum, but it’s a big win for ministry impact.

“We were able to develop a team of partners that assisted us in delivering a space that now works well for the church,” says Gray. “We are excited to share this transformation that has resulted in new excitement and momentum in this growing congregation.”


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