How Collaboration Powers Innovation and Creates Ministry Impact Blog Feature

By: Aspen Group on January 25, 2022

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How Collaboration Powers Innovation and Creates Ministry Impact

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One of the things that makes Aspen Group unique is our integrated Design-Build-Furnish approach. This means our designers, construction teams, project managers, estimating team, and interior designers all collaborate together under one roof to bring the most innovative solutions to our church building projects.

One way this collaboration comes about is through final project walkthroughs. Recently our team gathered at Waypoint Church, in St. Charles, Missouri, to tour the building and share lessons learned. This gave them the opportunity to review the wins of the project, discuss issues that arose, and share details on how we came together to solve problems.




Watch the full video of our team collaborating at the Waypoint Church Walkthrough:




At Aspen we have an “Always Learn” culture, so we use our wins and mistakes to solve problems on future projects. This helps us grow in our roles, communicate better, support each other, and create better ministry impact on future projects.



Having an integrated team under one roof helps us work more efficiently and to problem solve together right on the spot. When we come together as a team to review lessons learned, it helps us improve the quality and effectiveness of our work and it gives everyone a chance to contribute to the final product.



Because we also have teams in different regions of the country, it’s good for people who didn’t work on a project to learn from it, offer a fresh perspective, and speak into solutions for future projects.



Working collaboratively allows us to share, learn, and challenge each other to continue to innovate so we can create better church buildings that foster community, and ultimately, lead people to Jesus.